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  1. how do I solve a problem with home network. After connecting 3 devices for over a year, I could not connect to the external harddrive (wired to router) from either the desktop (also hardwired to router) nor the laptop (wirelessly connected to router. I can see both computers from the other computer but neither shows the external hard drive. Going to the webpage of the router I can see all three devices --how can I find out if it is the router or the external drive that is at fault. I have tried resetting the desktop to an earlier version in case it was some update. I have also shut down router, unpluged and recycled and unplugging and replugging in the external hard drive, (in different port) help please Windows 7 home premium (laptop) Windows 7 professional (desktop) runing Mcafee Internet security on both and that has been for several months now.
  2. Sorry about the delay in reply -- crash recovery went fairly well -- took around 20 hours and then several hours of updating stuff -- in the end the pop up is gone. Some files were missing (my own documents created in the time span) but still don't know the why of it all. I suspect the popup and the crash may be connected -- you would probably know better than I on that. Laptop is running smoothly. I appreciate your help and suggestions -=- you guys are great. Thanks for helping an old pensioner like me. Elvene
  3. route print you say? I have had some issues with printers-=-- I will have to look into that -- perhaps one of the printer drivers is wonky== thanks for the tip
  4. will try that tomorrow --- getting very late and it is still trying to recapture from saved external data == it said it could take hours. Now I have 2 concerns = is it virus/worm related - a windows hiccup and will my abcl score data still be on it -- need to report that nationally -- or re entre from traveller sheets == such a wonderful thing this computer stuff -- at least I can run the seniors centre webpages from the desk top -- most of the files for that I have duplicated.
  5. If and when I can get the computer rebooted, I will try your suggestion(it crashed while trying other suggestion so concerned of virus although I do very little surfing the web.). My computer name is elvene98, and my name is Elvene so there are an extremely large number of files with my name.
  6. tried several restore points back to 2 of feb -nothing - tried downloading malware byte as suggested and could not and system crashed. - my it won't reboot at all. System is trying to redo the c: from external drive where I have a system back up. very concerned now.
  7. I repeated your instructions -- now there is nothing in either but the pop up is still there. Hope that helps
  8. I went into msconfig startup and disabled onenote from startup as well as a few other items not necessary for start up -- restarted and it still popped up.
  9. no file "elvene" was found -- in the first case it only had "onenote" - looked in it and no "elvene" in second, there was no file at all so no property to click. However, in the tracking it led me to permission for onenote -- I had recently changed permission --before it was allow all permission. I will try resetting it back to all. It may or maynot be the issue.
  10. the wordpad information in the original email from dashes down is what was copied from wordpad . a similar message (format seems a little different) in Notepad.I am running windows 7 home premium 64 and a while back was trying to set up a home group but it said it wasn't able due to no ipv6 path -- but that is over a month ago. I recently am trying beta version of Explorer 9 but I believe that occured after the original pop up. The pop up is on the laptop, connected wirelessly and I have not downloaded explorer 9 to that one. I was have some connection issues just prior to the pop up but recycling router seemed to clear it up. I suspect it is something connected to the networking but since both computers are working fine I just want the pop up message to go away (unless you think it is a sign of a deeper issue. Elvene My capabilities are somewhat limited but I follow instructions rather well.
  11. recently I get the pop up at start up - need to know how to open the file - file title is my name. I can open it in word pad and notepad -I tried removing it, saving it, ignoring it. However there at start up its asking me to select a programme to open the file "Elvene". It does not allow me to select "always open with".I have run ccleaner and parento file cure - how do I get rid of it. What is it trying to tell me? Is there an issue I just don't get? in wordpad it is the following =========================================================================== Interface List 14...06 1f e2 ca e0 f7 ......Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter 12...00 1f e2 ca e0 f7 ......Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter 11...00 1e ec 47 1d 7c ......Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet 1...........................Software Loopback Interface 1 13...00 00 00 00 00 00 00 e0 Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface =========================================================================== IPv4 Route Table =========================================================================== Active Routes: None Persistent Routes: None IPv6 Route Table =========================================================================== Active Routes: None Persistent Routes: None
  12. received message to update to pc matic rt - did now I have pc matic and pc matic rt however when I click the pc matic rt icon (it's green) nothing happens tried clicking on pc matic rt start - nothing I tried uninstalling -- freezes up uninstall page - nothing happens I can still use my pc matic although in the download process (for the rt) it said it was removing pc matic is this a virus? Elvene
  13. YES IT DID Thank you very much. Microsoft kept talking about yahoo tool bar and I never thought about Google.I had reset ie settings previously and didn't help - I didn't think the add ons would be a problem because before I had both google and yahoo toolbars without a problem. Elvene
  14. I am not sure what caused it but my tab system isn't working xp/ ie7 I have reloaded ie7 twice but it still happens about 90% of the time I have run the pcpitstop test 2x I have used optimum I have used regicure I have used registrybooster2 I have run ccleaner I have reset back to a month before it started Having loaded sp3, I removed it (before doing all the above) I have gone in and reset ie7 preferences HELP
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