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  1. Actually i have met both Bush's. Bush Sr. at a sporting goods store named bass pro shops rofl. And Bush Jr. when he was governor of Texas in a 4th of July celebration.
  2. None of you have any idea what Bush does in the presidency. Everything they tell us could be a load of $#@%. If your gonna argue about something all day, at least make sure you have the facts, not junk that the TV fed you.
  3. For the most part Cable is faster(3000bks). But ive seen a few cases where DSL was also 3000kbs. DSL is typically 1500kbs, or half the speed of cable. Depends on how much u want to spend and how close u are to the nearest DSL hub. Check out your local internet service providers for prices and speed. Pretty sure there is a utility here in the pit that could help you, but i dont remember where i saw it.
  4. More and more people seem to be anti-american. Stop bashing Bush unless u can do a better job yourself. Even tho people are allowed to have their own opinion, too many people take them as fact.
  5. In replay to your first post, you sound exactly like me, in that u like to control a bunch of units, and not just one character. U probably would love Warcraft 3. Awesome game with little or no cheating and endless strategy. Also has a huge fan base. Call of Duty is an awesome first person shooter and has no cheats if u play on a server with punk buster.
  6. Yea i had the same problem in NFSU john. I played the demo b4 it was officially released and had some of the top 10 drag times in the world. When the official game came out, every had already hacked it and was running 400 mph. My best was around 250mph with the RX7. Need for speed underground seems to have the most cheats out of any other popular game. Try warcraft 3 or Call of Duty for a relatively Cheat-free environment.
  7. ROFL Sup ferhan. I just got on the forums and this is the first thing i found. I only have 2 listings on my phcp clients list. Both of them have the name of my computers on them. Shouldnt that be enough to recognize whats yours and whats not? Or are u trying to block those other ones? If so, i dont know cuz im a NOOB and i suxxor . Here have a cookie and a beer :beer:
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