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  1. Hey Hawk, got the pic viewer working I used the following Update: Another approach to re-installing Windows Picture and Fax Viewer is to click on Start, Run... and type in: regsvr32 /i shimgvw.dll and press OK Wierd how the previous wouldn't work, but the above has it sorted now. Thanks Craig
  2. Hi Hawk, Sorry for delay in replying but been laid up with a chest infection. Been deleting stuff and burning to DVD which takes time when ill. Anyway, managed to use cleanup and diskeeper lite which has made a diff. Latest test results here :- http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=T8840W4FEVCSU4HR Going to analyse test details now. A few questions. The windows picture and fax viewer is still not working. Dunno if somethings corrupted it or blocking it but it's a bit wierd. I'm totally stuck as what to do. Any other programs you can recommend where I can dload to view photos on my drive? Regarding defrag, how often should I do this. Some people say every 2 weeks or even once a month. What do you recommend? As for installing extra memory I did buy extra memory at the start of 2005 but had to get a mate to install it for me. XP is not reading the correct size. Sorry but stuff like updating the BIOS just loses me. Once last thing is for IE Temp file cache you suggested type 50 to max. 80 and click ok??? Do you mean set it to 50 or 80?? I have set this to 80 for the time being. Thanks again for your help. If you have time drop us a reply whenever you get a spare moment Cheers, Craig :beer:
  3. Hi, Hawk, thanks for reply. Yes, I am on about Windows Picture and Fax viewer. Have tried what you suggested trying both open with and choose program and through the tools menu option. Shadowfax, thanks also for the reply. Downloaded ewido but couldn't update. Was going to try the cleanup but wanted to try all other options first. Test results just done http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=T8840W4FEVCSCQHR Pop ups come up and still can't view jpegs. Downloaded Spy Doctor and it found more than 200 objects that AVG and Adaware didn't find. Tried Spybot S&D - nothing. Also tried Spywareblaster. Think it caught a couple. Will try trendmicro next. Seems there is something lurking around but it's finding the right program to remove it. Thanks for your help and patience guys Craig
  4. Something has hi-jacked my system where I now cannot view jpeg images etc using windows explorer. Have updated and run both AVG & Adaware. AVG came up clean and Adaware found objects where I quarantined them. Any ideas how to get back my preview image tool? Can view photos in IE but a bit of a hassle. Thanks.
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