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  1. Hello, Can someone please advise the best way how I can lock a flash pen or external hard drive with a password? I have no idea where to start, the best software to use etc. I'd prefer if there was a free option. I understand Window 10 Pro has bit locker but my version (Windows 10 Home) does not have that. Any advice appreciated. Fleece
  2. Hello, Can someone advise if there is a way a stopping my ISP identifying what I'm downloading (normally by torrent)? I use uTorrent and heard about encryption but unsure if it works. I've also read a bit about VPNs and some are free and some you pay a monthly subscription for. Do you need a new router? How easy is it to set up for a novice? Totally new to this but don't like the idea of being spied on. Is the a 100% fool proof "free" way of disguising what I'm downloading?? Any help appreciated. Thanks, Fleece
  3. Hello, I have a BLU-RAY burner and have successfully burned several blu-rays in the past. Have recently installed Windows 10 and Nero Platinum 2018. Have an MKV 11GB file I want to burn to a blank BLU-RAY disc 25GB BD-R. Used Nero recode to convert the MKV file to BLU-RAY. It is now 22GB. Have tried playing the file with the latest version of VLC and it plays fine. No problem. When I use Nero Burning Rom and drag the BDMV files into the folder and hit burn I get the message - "Your compilation cannot be written on this kind of disc - etc etc disc required BD-R etc etc" I am using the correct blank BD-R(have tried a couple) and correct size and a valid BLU-RAY burner. Anyone any idea what I might be doing wrong or why Nero refuses to burn it? Probably something stupid but I've no idea what to do next - thing is everything looks ok? Thanks, Craig
  4. Ok, problem is back (yes it vanished last year) Used crapcleaner, cleaned a few files Used Space - 86.4GB Free Space - 2.85GB (it was about 3MB on Friday!!) Checked Windows Backup but it hasn't been set Tried Spacesniffer - it's found 2 huge files hiberfil.sys - 11.9GB pagefile - 31.8GB Surely these files shouldn't be that large - should/can I delete them or reduce them?
  5. Interesting thanks for all the comments guys So if I'm downloading a DVD of VOB files they could actually tell what movie it is. I would've thought they can only tell what file type Same with MP3. But of course people have been taken to court in the US for downloading so I guess they must tell somehow.
  6. A question that's always bothered me My Dad's been asking the same So... Can your ISP see and know exactly what MP3/AVI/DVD-VOB files or whatever you are downloading including movie titles, mp3 titles etc etc I use Utorrent and my ISP is Pipex. It'd be great if anyone can provide any help in answering this. Thanks
  7. Ok got PC back from shop and everything sorted. Guy told me I'd installed a load of old progs that weren't 64bit... So I have some basic questions (some would appear dumb but I dunno) and would sure like some help just to make sure I stay on the right path and keep my system healthy 1) Which drive should I install progs onto eg, Autocad, MS Office, Video Splitter, Canon Camera, Epson Printer Driver. Put them all onto 2TB drive and keep the solid state one with Windows 7 clear? 2) Some progs don't give me the option to change drives when installing - how do I change this? 3) The guy again told me not to use Crap Cleaner - so do I clean out Temp Internet Files weekly manually and what other routine maintenance should I be doing?? 4) How can I tell if a prog will be compatibale i.e. if it's 64bit? Eg. if I want to install a video splitter that's maybe a year old? Basically guys, any information to help me do the right things and not screw up my system. Thx
  8. Now you mention it I'm using Vipre. Any issues with it?
  9. Ok thanks. What is the best way of clearing everything, i.e. browsing history etc off my C drive that Vista is installed on. Should Crap Cleaner do it or is there anything else I should do. If I need to put this PC back into the shop I don't want any trace of dodgy files or websites and also personal banking information to be found by them. Any advice appreciated.
  10. Ok system specs first :- OS - Windows System 7 Home Premium 64 bit CPU - Inter Core i5 2500 @ 3.3 Ghz RAM - 16GB Graphics Card - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti Solid State C Drive - 96GB Secndary Drive F - 2TB New machine, got it in Sept. Been playing up as per attached images. Graphics problems - driver probs. Got really bad a few days ago and realized it may be internet explorer. Unroled IE to default i.e. taking off addons that semed to help but other stuff seems to be happening. Updated graphics drivers - no use - same problems. Guy in shop told me not to use crap cleaner. Sytem slowed down so used it on Mondayand cleaned a whole load of stuff off machine and worked better. What should I use otherwise? The machine doesn't clean this stuff out by itself does it? Anyway def seems some sort of hardware support problem playing HD is sometimes not smooth. Wonder if graphics card may be overheating although everything is new, case, fans etc. Also 2TB drive shows 392GB of memory used but when I highlight all folders on the drive and right click it says only 151GB used??? Where is 241GB memory usage going? Note - the blue screens started a few days ago. Know what they mean. Any help appreciated. Shop did say any problems take it back and they've always been pretty good but wanted to see what any of you guys thought. Thanks
  11. Tried spacesniffer - showing 22GB files used When I right click drive to look at properties it shows 57GB used Have deleted all restore points except last one O/S is Windows 7 Home Premium and is installed on the other drive which is SSD System runs ok but I'm just wondering what's using all this space? Should I use crapcleaner? The guy in the PC shop told me I shouldn't use any cleaning software - so do these drives clean themselves through some setting in WIndows 7?
  12. Hi guys, Hope this is a nice quick easy question to answer. Got a new PC about a month ago. Windows 7 Home Premium OS. 90GB SSD 2 TB Hard Drive Have been downloading usual movies, mp3s and pics normally onto 2TB drive then burning or deleting them. On the 2TB drive used space is showing as 92GB, but there's only about 28GB of files on it. I assume it may be some sort of back up held somewhere using all this space but anyone have any ideas :- What it is that's using all this space - approx 64GB Where is it held and How do I delete it? Thanks
  13. Hi that appears to have worked Thanks to both you guys for your help
  14. First link didn't work Second reset theme to classic but then when switching to XP style same colour problem It's funny but you'd think there'd be a simple solution Is there a page that shows the default colour settings for each button/menu/toolbar etc I'd be as quick running down each one individually and setting colours manually - prob take about 30mins!! Thanks for the time in replying
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