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  1. @nigsy Thanks for the reply. Got it sorted. Switched router off for 1 hour - then everything worked great. Cheers again Fleece
  2. Hello, Trying to access a website - beerhop.co.uk but getting above error message Could access it last night. Also have a work laptop here and can access it no problem (using the same router but on wi-fi. Completely at a loss as to why my desktop suddenly stopped allowing me access (tried firefox, chrome and edge browsers). Anyone any idea why? Use AVG Antivirus Free and Windows 10 Firewall. By the way, can access other webpages, i.e. BBC News, Amazon etc. All seems ok there. Completely stuck. Any help appreciated.
  3. Hello, Can someone please advise the best way how I can lock a flash pen or external hard drive with a password? I have no idea where to start, the best software to use etc. I'd prefer if there was a free option. I understand Window 10 Pro has bit locker but my version (Windows 10 Home) does not have that. Any advice appreciated. Fleece
  4. Hello, Can someone advise if there is a way a stopping my ISP identifying what I'm downloading (normally by torrent)? I use uTorrent and heard about encryption but unsure if it works. I've also read a bit about VPNs and some are free and some you pay a monthly subscription for. Do you need a new router? How easy is it to set up for a novice? Totally new to this but don't like the idea of being spied on. Is the a 100% fool proof "free" way of disguising what I'm downloading?? Any help appreciated. Thanks, Fleece
  5. Hello, I have a BLU-RAY burner and have successfully burned several blu-rays in the past. Have recently installed Windows 10 and Nero Platinum 2018. Have an MKV 11GB file I want to burn to a blank BLU-RAY disc 25GB BD-R. Used Nero recode to convert the MKV file to BLU-RAY. It is now 22GB. Have tried playing the file with the latest version of VLC and it plays fine. No problem. When I use Nero Burning Rom and drag the BDMV files into the folder and hit burn I get the message - "Your compilation cannot be written on this kind of disc - etc etc disc required BD-R etc e
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