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  1. Broadband reports/CastleCops user KyeU has a great overview of what exactly ISearch did when installed on his system here: http://kyeu.freecoolsite.com/isearch/index.html This stuff is really getting out of hand, and for them to target acknowledged 'good' sites that exist only to help people is basically public relations suicide. One could argue that if a very large number of people say your product is bad because it does 'x' then maybe you could stop it from doing 'x' instead of firing off cease and desist letters everywhere.
  2. Well I'm sad to see that the deadly barney spyware link hijacker has struck here as well... you all have only ONE WEEK TO LIVE unless you spread it to another forum. In that case your life will be spared. As for Ad-Aware, I've posted already in the spywarewarrior and dslreports threads and I feel it's kind of an over-reaction. When you consider all the people Lavasoft has helped over the YEARS it seems a bit precipitous to write them off after three days. I agree their corporate communications policy stinks, and has always stunk, and that if people want to stop using their product because of that they are welcome to. Transparency in process is a highly-desired trait for any company let alone a security company. By not telling their users about such a big de-listing (as well as de-listing ALL of WhenU's versions, and not just the new cuddly one) they have definitely committed a breach. But this sense of outraged betrayal... I just don't get it. Lavasoft isn't breaking into your home and stealing your stereo. As I said before people are welcome to stop using it if they feel they can no longer trust the company (which has been very trustworthy in the past and makes, I'm ashamed to say it, a really good application) but to act like they showed up one night and installed spyware on your computer while selling your baby on ebay seems a bit exaggerated. see sig for disclaimer
  3. I don't know, I think it would fall under 'justifiable homicide' to me. I mean if in some places you can shoot a guy for sleeping with your wife I don't see why this would be any worse.
  4. That'll teach you to do any breathing. The proper attitude is tense expectation
  5. There's just too much happening too quickly for a single solution I think. If there were only a few dozen spyware distributors it'd be easy enough to track, but there's hundreds and they update continually. Even with self-reporting systems like we use (zerospyware) it's hard to get a handle on infections, since we can tag popular stuff (by prevalence) but 'new' stuff has to come from primary research. When the stuff you're trying to find out is being pushed from rogue servers in lebanon, israel, and various former soviet eastern bloc countries it's hard to stay on top of it (and that ignores the homegrown for profit spyware in the us) If spyware was all bonzi buddy, gator, etc, from relatively established companies it would be easier. However those just provide a platform for OTHER spyware to operate as well, especially the trojan/downloader types that can grab a random allotment. The KaZaA catalog is not the same as it was several months ago, and will keep changing for example. So to answer your question it's hard to have one program catch them all. Currently it's similar to having one search engine being able to search the entire internet; the problem is just too big.
  6. Okay, one last thing and then this thread can die. I am offering free registration keys to everyone who found a false positive and posted explicit details about it in this thread. I didn't make the offer at first because I figured that no one here would want the software and would just be insulted. I should point out too that the 15 day trial at download.com is fully functional in every respect, other than that it expires. Anyway, I'll be PMing these people their registration keys. If you're not on this list and feel you should be please let me know: Hawk, Radio, eburger68, oatman, BBYTech587, Y Kawika, and Wolf88 PS-I had to read the thread again from beginning to end to get all the names and wow, a lot has happened since then.
  7. Pest Patrol is a good app but it seems to behave very differently from the online PestScan app. I'm not sure if it's a database difference or a marketing difference, but I find Pest Patrol mostly trustworthy and PestScan not trustworthy at all. Pest Patrol is at worst, aggressive, but PestScan seems almost deceptive. --------- In the interests of full disclosure I should state that I work for a competing 'for pay' spyware removal software company (zerospyware) and my comments should be taken in that context. Opinions posted are my own and do not represent my employer unless stated otherwise.
  8. Ax Slinger - Thanks a lot. I haven't had a chance to look here for quite a while (busy working on the 2005 edition) but I was happy to see that the situation had in fact been resolved. I hope this means that ZeroSpyware isn't seen as "the enemy" as much anymore here, though the fact that people can just get false positives on a whim is worrying to me. In that vein ; Wolf88 - Thanks for the heads up. I'll send it on to the database team. Actually they should be reading this forum too but I'll send it anyway just in case I'm glad that I'm hopefully getting people to take the product semi-seriously, though of course everyone has their own preferred removal tool. For me the goal wasn't converting anyone to using ZeroSpyware, but rather just to give it a fair shake. I think at the beginning maybe it didn't deserve that, but thanks to you guys' help and a lot of development time it's come a long way. I'm glad this sordid chapter is somewhat over but I'm still going to hang out at the 'pit. You guys catch some of that spyware early dagnabit
  9. Y kawika/ BBYTech587 - We found out why it's identified as BizDefender, it's because the BizDefender client installation installs Winpcap. We're tuning the distinction now, but I'm also curious to know if the Winpcap people know their open source project is being used by this commercial software. I'm assuming that since there's a quick title banner of the Winpcap during installation that they do. Y kawika - Reducing our uninstallation profile is one of the goals of the next major upgrade, because it bugs me too EDIT-Late breaking story on the CBC. Eric L. Howes removes ZeroSpyware from the 'rogue/suspect anti-spyware' list. http://www.spywarewarrior.com/rogue_anti-spyware.htm#zs_note
  10. Aw jeez margie. Thanks for the info guys. Oatman - Do you remember what it identified as Gratisware? It'd help a lot in isolating the problem, though I think I know what the problem is. BBYTech587 - Thanks for the link. I installed and ran Winpcap and sure enough it got tagged. I'll have the database team check it out. Our updates are usually done weekly, so hopefully we'll have it fixed by next week. Again thanks guys. I know you all consider the application as not very good but this input really helps. This is a more plaintive call, but I don't suppose anyone else got it and had no problems at all?
  11. Though no one is probably reading this anymore the fully featured, yet time-limited version of ZeroSpyware is available on download.com. It looks just like the 'lite' version released earlier (reviews, downloads) but it's the new one. Someone at download.com just replaced the existing entry instead of making a new one. I'm not doing this to flog the software, because once again, I'm sure most of you have no interest in buying it. I think this version fixes a lot of the problems a lot of you had with it, so this is mostly a heads up to the people still interested in seeing if it's a scam or not (I'm hoping this will convince you it's not). Please let me know via PM or this thread if you have any questions or concerns.
  12. I think pest patrol has great research, documentation, and organization. Their information is really useful as a resource, and they've made it very accessible. I'm just not that thrilled with their app. Like oatman I get false positives from it (about 6 in two months), and something is seriously strange with their freescan app. I ran it on three different computers and 80% of the results were almost exactly the same. In the interests of full disclosure though I should say though that I work for a competing company (zerospyware) so take my input with whatever Na you feel required.
  13. Just posting to say that I'm sorry more than a week has gone by since I said we'd probably have a fully featured time trial version of our software (zerospyware). Some last minute changes came up that we had to integrate, but it's in release testing as I speak. I'll update you guys here when it goes live. This trial version will replace ZeroSpyware Lite, which will probably go to the 5.25" Floppy Bin In The Sky. (even though the thread is pretty old and he might not read it) Webhelper : Thanks for the heads up. As I said in my original email to you I don't think we have any shady affiliation but please let me know if you find anything. We're not really doing any affiliate marketing at the moment, which would probably be the only way something like what you describe would happen.
  14. To all of you following this, I'm sorry I took so long to get back. I was ill for four days and have been catching up on work until now. The dialog continues on the spyware warrior forum linked earlier in this thread, so I won't repeat what goes on there here for brevity's sake. As to hepkat17t I am willing to make an offer like that, but I doubt that many people here would want the software We are releasing a fully-functional time limited demo in probably a week or so, which might give people a different idea of the product as compared to the freescan/lite versions.
  15. Eric - Thanks for the info. We'll see what we can do with it. Gotta say though so far it doesn't look good for us though I didn't tell you we had updated because the update was cosmetic only, and I didn't think it would solve your problem. We're going to have the 'real' (your stability problem/database definition upgrade) update out on Thursday or Friday. Kind of weird that it started working. The update that did go out is embarassingly chronicled earlier in this thread, basically changing a placeholder UI screen. I want to say that I really respect both your spyware community work and your list, and that if we're on it, we're on it. Obviously I'll work here to change things as best as I can, but since you publish both your criteria and your tests so clearly it's no one's fault but our own if you decide to include us.
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