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    Right now .. I would say my interest is in learning different things. I enjoy playing on the computer, I love to learn new stuff and I like to explore different capabilities of computing.<br /><br />My cybermate (snailrider.com) and I have been spending a lot of time trying out different types of site programs. I enjoy making shopping carts .. Agora is my favorite software for that. PHP Fusion is also fun to play with. <br /><br />I have made a lot of websites and along that path, made a lot of friends. Today I feel truly blessed.

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    I own an E-Machine and I'm proud of it. It's old, it's grinding but it's still kicking ... it's a mule and I love it. Or it could be the laptop snailrider gave me . It's a HP and has a lot of things I never seen before and have no idea how to use. Love that little finger window ...
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  1. I have a idea, but people would have to be involved. Send a letter to the care manufacturing companies asking for a car that uses alternative fuels. After you pay insurance (out to lunch), and gas, how can you afford to buy a new car. Would have to be a simple solution that older cars could easily convert. After all, even if we do manage to bring the prices down, it won't last long. They would only wait till winter and put it back up again, or run the competition out. Well that was just an idea.
  2. Ya, it would be interesting to see where people sometimes end up.
  3. This one seems interesting. Anyone going on the Paranormal Cruise into the Bermuda Triangle? sounds like fun! Got there from this page. I find strange stuff
  4. Seems I have been missing out on stuff. Guess I should rent Bowling for Columbine. I'll just make sure I have lots of and no matter how bad it is, I'll still smile.
  5. I don't know what they are on, but it must be some good stuff.
  6. It's like who ever lives on Garrison Ave, in Dover...they get a lot of free stuff compliments of me. I hit those freebe sites, and if I can't get them in Canada, I send them to the people living in my old house in the US. Hmm, wonder if they got their new T -shirt yet?
  7. I ended up here. Don't read the top post if your drinking anything.
  8. Tonight we are having a series of storms, so I am up and down on the net. Well, this would be the time that I would surf according to headline subjects. I decided to check out the blurb on UFO's over Mexico. Long story short, I got side tracked and ended up in some strange sites. Has this ever happened to you and if so what kind of funky stuff you end up checking out?
  9. Well actually I am out of my home country (USA), and in Canada. Either way, I can't vote. Maybe it's not such a bad thing though. Voting is a good thing, but the amount of stress placed on it, and all the ill feelings people get about each other, does seem to be a burden that I don't think I would want to accept. When I was fresh out of high school, well I would have like to have voted, but now.....guess I've seen too much.
  10. If I could vote in Canada, I would vote NDP. If I could vote in the USA, well I would vote according to the guy running. I like the Nixons, and Clinton type of guys.
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