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  1. Or California can get its head out of its when it comes to gun laws
  2. They just need to sell it with a smaller capacity mag and it would be fine. Last I checked they didnt.
  3. its not about the money Its about the legality of the gun in Kalifornia
  4. errrr I dont have hosting anymore
  5. I like shooting the XD better than the Gl but I agree with chop, a shotgun is probably best. Also, your better off paying a smidgen more with the local guy than getting it somewhere else.
  6. cant get my cell card to work in the laptop...grrr
  7. damn it I would have ran this on the pc I just built for my brother if I knew it existed, maybe Ill push the laptop through and see what it does
  8. ok, seriously this was a great game but come on, it was super short
  9. I just picked this up the other day, so far its a great game, Im only about 45minutes into it though
  10. 2.4 biznatch not to mention new phones have video out.....
  11. just shoulder surf a little, its amusing. Better yet, sit there and do a quick network scan.
  12. its not saturation, its a redefinition of what a pc is, my phone by all accounts is a pc. It does everything a pc does and fits in my hand. It emails, surfs the net, plays videos, music, creates documents etc etc. Full size pc's are migrating back to being for work and school.
  13. 1. Bad Cable 2. Bad Monitor Those would be the most common issues that would cause something like that
  14. That doesnt mean it isnt capping your cpu usage, I would remove it and see what happens.
  15. depends what you mean by "go back" and it depends on whats on the recovery disk. But you really confused on me on this The purchased pc came with what OS? You want to put what OS on the system to get rid of it? What OS is on the system right now?
  16. sounds like a driver issue associated with your graphics card. Also,a lot of games dont like having two monitors hooked up unless your running it as a single.
  17. I will say that this place seems much less technical than it was in the past. I am guilty as are many at not spending enough time in the "help" forums, I support people as a form of employment so it drains me to spend a lot of time helping people here. I love the international aspect of this forum, and always have. There is a vast array of knowledge on this place, technical and otherwise, I can honestly say that its helped me grow as an individual because of that. I would like to see a consolidation of some of the forums and replace them with a FAQ section or something like that, c
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