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  1. I dunno but I am waiting for the investigation to conclude as it will be interesting to see
  2. I believe in a case such as this you would just have to be a woman working for wal-mart not one that was directly discriminated against. I was a party in a class action suit when I was in fifth grade and nothing was wrong with me but I was allowed and encouraged to join.
  3. and if the woman says no I wont work for 10 but I will work for 11 and gets it is it still illegal? I am not so sure because people are offered different wages for the same job all the time.
  4. lies over lies over lies and he cant even keep track anymore
  5. well, my problem with basing this case entirely on wages is that people negotiate their wages and or agree to them before they start work. So a large part of their wage is up to them, they either agree to something or dont. Going back to my mom she literally negotiated her wage and then attempted to tell me she would have gotten more if she were a man. Yet, she negotiated and agreed to her wage with much more power than the average employee. NOW, if they refused upward mobility and raises to woman then that is justification and wal-mart should pay dearly for such actions if it is more then a few stores which according to the suit it appears to be a large portion of the corporate structure.
  6. I will sit around the house all day and play with my kids and mess with my pc
  7. but how much have they kept compared to the potential loss, that loss not only includes the settlement but probably a loss in sales. This still doesnt change the fact that these people made a choice to not only work but to stay working at wal-mart. I am not fan of wal-mart or their business practices as they pray on the poor and uneducated and sometime illegal but these people still have choices and venues for compensation and legal help.
  8. cpu.. I dont think anyone is saying France didnt fight in the world wars but if you look at ww2 they avoided what would have been a relatively minor confrontation in favor of appeasement (they werent the only ones). This minor war could have prevented world war two fairly easily. A large foreign population in any country is a policy problem because their culture is different than the native one and therefor they do not know how they will act or react to Frances policy decisions. In this case France does not know if this large population will rise up against her if they willingly participate in armed actions in their homelands. California has the same problem with the ever increaseing mexican/latin american population within is borders.
  9. France has a problem with a massively growing Arab population that they really have no idea if they are normal people or terrorists. They like the Saudis and such are just trying to protect themselves, unfortunately France doesnt have anyone smart enough to look into the future. The middle east must change and not only in their teachings but in their well being. I hate placing western values upon others but most in the middle east live in poverty and remain uneducated. The economies need to be diversified and need to begin filtering down into the populations. Societies with educated working people who are largely not in poverty tend to be much more stable than societys which have largely foreign populations running their industries.
  10. well considering the potential loss versus potential gain it doesnt make any sense to set up a system that would have to be as huge as they are claiming with so many people willing to discriminate. In other words unlike Enron there is nobody anywhere in the corporate ladder that is going to be making billions off something like this, nor will their savings be anything with enough zeros to justfiy the settlement once they are caught. sleezy is an interesting concept, yet these people chose to work at wal-mart...they chose to stay there.
  11. you know, my mother tried to tell me she would be getting paid more if she were a man...then I informed her she negotiated her own wage I dont find it odd that a few stores here and there would discriminate against individuals but I find extremely hard to believe that an entire corporation would do such a thing as it isnt financially responsible in any way.
  12. This all depends on how stable their country/government is and is not 100% true. Most of these terrorists are just as much of a threat to their own governments and as such they were allowed to displace their hatred onto the United States. This was allowed because it took attention away from the governments of the middle east. I have said it once and I will say it again if these countries could actually become successful it is unlikely we would have this problem. The middle east is filled with failed states not much different then the third world countries in Africa and we all know what is going on over there.
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