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  1. This was just a really sad situation. I cannot fathom why anyone with his background would take this way out. I only pray that if there are more that they take the easy way out and point the trigger at themselves.
  2. Hey we have real Rugby here, and I didnt see anyone mention Cricket (<---now that is a random sport )
  3. The Americans need to know what the heck it is you guys are talking about
  4. Maybe for football because they only play once a week like pansies Baseball and Hockey do it/did it for travel costs and times.
  5. The system needs to be looked at because the west is a soft division right now?
  6. So, do you think it could have been a random can. I doubt they "count" how many chunks of meat there are in the can. I would probably buy a one or two more to "test" the theory. I would even write them a letter and complain, chances are you will get a free can of soup!
  7. everyone on camera should be arrested and charged
  8. sorry to hear that, good to hear you guys are ok though, at least for the most part.
  9. looks good, I may have to give it a shop on the "web use" laptop
  10. Im going with this, anyone who has watch the Tour over the last decade knows that the times are just super human!
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