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  1. Was using AVG Free and liked it so much I upgraded to their Professional version which I like even more since updates are a snap because I'm not connecting to their "free" server for updates.
  2. If cost is no object then a hardware firewall by Cisco is the way to go IMO. The two enterprises I manage have Cisco firewalls and to date have never been hacked. As for software firewall, I swear by Outpost Firewall. Several of my I.T. friends use it and also recommended it to me. Hope you don't end up more confused reading all these posts. Bottom line is we all use what is working well for each of us.
  3. I've been very happy with AVG. I was using the free edition for over 18 months (was using PC-Cillin) and thought it was time to upgrade and pay for the service (which has been incredible). I am running AVG Pro and only see a few minor differences between it and the free version. The thing I like the most about it and Outpost firewall is the limited amount of resources used by my computer...yet I feel fully protected (yes, using a few anti-spyware tools too and don't use IE unless absolutely necessary). I tried running Avast at one time (less than a year ago) and it was giving Outlook fits since I wanted all my email accounts scanned and it just couldn't do it, even after some tweaks. It looked like an EXCELLENT AV proggy if only I could get it work right with Outlook 2003.
  4. Hey...same situation as Sparky2004 and jgl...it is working in an awesome manner along side Outpost Firewall without missing a beat on a WinXP Pro/SP2 workstation (oops...how about three of them!). Furthermore AVG 7 beats the heck out of the verson 6.
  5. GREAT recommendation. I downloaded the extension and it is right up there as one of my favs. Thanks!
  6. Been getting by quite well on three computers with AVG 7 Free Edition, Spywareblaster, Ad-Aware SE Pro, Spybot Search & Destroy, Outpost Firewall (EXCELLENT!), and naturally Firefox. I only use IE when I absolutely have to and have been spyware free, virus free for several months...thank you very much!
  7. JSanders is right...outbound protection is important and you aren't getting it with the Windows Firewall. Some protection (inbound) is better than none (pre-SP2). Try running a leak test with Windows Firewall and you will see for yourself.
  8. This guy was tried and convicted in the media before he was even brought to trial. We have to remember that there was suppressed information, i.e. evidence the jury had that none of us are privvy to. We are watching this as outsiders who depend on CNN, MSNBC and pray tell the larger purveyor of truth...Fox for information. It is possible the suppressed evidence convicted Scott Peterson and resulted in his death sentence. Given the jury problems, I would except him to be retried on appeal. I just have to ask myself who's the next victim of the media...
  9. Outpost Firewall is excellent. Been using it for a couple of months. It has passed every leak test with flying colors. There is a free version and a paid version. I use the paid version.
  10. Thanks for posting this. Downloaded and installed on both computers here. Got the Internet connection error a few times but finally got all the updates this morning. I like the new interface.
  11. Noticed the bump up to 250MB this morning. This Hotmail account is 3 years old.
  12. Although Hotmail has greatly improved their spam filtering, I'm going with Gmail because of the amount of storage (2GB) vs. Hotmail (2MB). I like the archive feature of Gmail and the overall layout. I also have a few Gmail invites available if anyone needs a Gmail account.
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