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    -Computers, of course!<br>-Reading<br>-Writing<br>-Researching history, politics (scandals), and geography<br>-Playing role-playing, story driven games such as FFVIII<br>-Chatting with Pitsters and helping Pitsters who need help

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  1. Sunshine Anderson - Lunch Or Dinner
  2. Thank you for your birthday wishes everyone! I will enjoy my 17th the best I can!
  3. Interesting evidence...I will think on the political and social implications of it. Let me do some research into it.
  4. I am going to back out of this thread while there's still time. (In other words, I'm proclaiming my neutrality...)
  5. I continue to disagree with this universal reasoning for a variety of reasons, but that is that.
  6. And what is right? And how would you know that "we" would be okay? What is right will change depending on who you're talking to, so there is no universal "we should do what is right." And if you ask me, feelings are important.
  7. Rather, I believe people are discovering that problems are not entirely the child's. It must be said that it is not every child's fault that they were academically demoted. There are a variety of factors to failure. It is identifying that cause of failure that is crucial.
  8. That's a twinkie defense! So failing schools and increasing crime are caused by being PC? That really makes me upset hearing that. I think the situation is the opposite: Politicians trying to appear PC and really being "biased" anyway.
  9. No, it wasn't your thread. Just the little squabble between some of the other posters. She could have been complaining about your thread, but I thought she was complaining about something else. I have no problems with a respectful debate.
  10. (Aside: I should write a paper on this debate. Rather, I will make this a part of my research data!) Yes, political correctness...Why can't we all be PC?
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