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  1. You can get a report from this site. All you have to do is browse for your hjt.txt, or you can copy and paste it at the site. It's a neat site. Seya Thanks Slide, that will not help in this [About:Blank] nasty hijacker Url deleted....Jacee
  2. You might try deleting your cookies if none are used for accounts etc... and try again. Just a thouhgt. Seya
  3. Def of Ethernet: Devices that attach to a common medium that provides a path along which the electronic signals will travel. Historically, this medium has been coaxial copper cable, but today it is more commonly a twisted pair or fiber optic cabling and wireless. In short, the glue to get you hooked to other computers and or the net. Def of NIC: Network Interface Card is the physical hardware. Ok enough of school. Who makes your nic? Thanks... Seya
  4. What kind of nic do you have? I think you want both send and receive.
  5. Hi Quickquestion and :welcome: Try going to the properties of the nic and look for 10meg half duplex. I run wireless now, so I can't tell you exactly where it is. I forgot. That's how I had to set my old nic up. Let us know if that helps. Thanks.. Seya
  6. Sorry out of my league there, but here is a router guide to set a VPN up and a full guide for different ways to get ya going. VPN router set up Different ways to set it up. Seya
  7. Hi vrenifossi... You might try this site. It may help. Home Networking Seya
  8. Thanks for the site Hawk. That's a neat one!Seya
  9. I see all of the pix too. Try opening your Interrnet Options> Advanced> Multimedia. Look for Show Pictures. See if it's checked. Inet Options Seya
  10. Hi monty 66... Right click on the image. Left click of properties and see where the pic is. If it's a dead link it should say No info, or something like that. Can't remember. What is the link to your friends site, so we can check it out. Seya
  11. No I didn't firekracker, but I wish I would have. There is also an ActiveX for the menu bar in OE. Look for "Mywebsearch" in program files. I think that's where it all starts. Needless to say I got rid of all of it and the bar in OE is gone. Seya
  12. I may be wrong here, but I went here Dled the stuff, ran Hijack this and a whole bunch of stuff showed up. Scarey! Is this one really safe? http://www.clicksmilies.com/ Here is one I have been using: Schmaili Seya
  13. Hey all... Had to redo my drive and now I think I can dance. Once reformated, reinstalled and activated, I redowned XP sp 2 and is running great. Thanks again for all of your help! Seya soon.
  14. Hi Hawk... Yes I did not bad for the most, but could be better. Been working on it Got another 4 gig freed up on the drive. More to come soon. as far as tweeking the system. Seya soon and thanks.
  15. Aw-HAhahaa Didn't work. No biggie. Getting used to being crippled for awhile.
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