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  1. Thank you SO much for answering this!!! I noticed the exact same weird porn sites as a McAfee scan was running and it freaked me out that all these were in my registry. I Googled "escdomains" but on other tech forums people either would not explain what it meant or they thought a trojan was involved and recommended to go ahead and delete them. Noticed today everything I had deleted was back and YES I use Spybot. After that I had noticed on my latest Spybot update that I had a ton of items unprotected but hadn't made the connection. Makes so much sense now. You've given me quite a lot of
  2. That worked!!! Woo Hoo!! Thanks!!!! (Sorry I didn't get to it earlier - I went on vacation and just got back today...)
  3. Nope. I left it on while I took a shower and the list of drivers was still there. Last night I left it on overnight - a good 10 hours - and no safe mode. Just the driver list...
  4. Well, as far as I can tell, I've completely closed IE and no change. I removed a weather desktop program which is fairly new - no change. Turned off Norton - no change. If there's other programs running I don't know what they are. What's even more frustrating is I can't get safe mode to work. I just get a list of what appears to be drivers? Not sure... I can't remember if I ever used safe mode with this computer so I don't know if it's always done this. I recently did a driver scan and updated some drivers so I don't know if that's what's making the safe mode goofy. I'm m
  5. Lately whenever I run Erase, it says "Failed" when Cookies and Browser Cache are scanned. Everything else seems to scan fine and erase properly. I don't know exactly how long this has been happening. It usually takes so much time for it to scan my Browser Cache that I walk away from the computer while it scans so I only noticed it this week... I have upgraded to IE7, but that was a couple months ago and I think my Erase problems have only been for the past couple weeks. I've removed and installed the updated version 3 times and the scans still say Failed. Any ideas?
  6. I've suddenly had connection problems with P2p too and have been trying everything I've read on this topic. (Been working on this problem all day.) I hate to admit this, but my problem is with Kazaa. (Please don't yell at me!) I know they're evil but I've tried other music download sites and just don't like them. I often mess around with deleting the spyware to see how far I can go before Kazaa no longer works. That's kinda fun, but I often lose it and have to download it repeatedly - it's become my new hobby! I hate the newest version of Kazaa so I usually have to do a system rest
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