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  1. Ahh I tried it and it states my Intel Processor is not supported and progam will not continue I tried both the CoreTemp94 & the CoreTemp95 bot say the same .Drats I was hoping this would work I need something
  2. Yep she's waking up fast ,I got it at 3.0 but I have no temperture probe like with the Asus board I had I downloaded speedfan and it states it's idling at 19C which I have hard time believing .I haven't seen it get up over 25c yet .I have 5 valcano 80mm fans and a Zalman Cooler on the processor with Artic Silver 5 http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=PGJTHWTY9AWSKY7W
  4. Very Nice Scores !! I'm in envy !!
  5. LOL Sure is alot of attention place on it here in the forums
  6. My MB died on my last set up and I couldn't find any good boards that I liked in AGP so I thought I would change .I now have a SlI board ,Intel D820 SmithField,4 Gigs of DDR2 800 Patriot (which 1 is bad ) .He is the real kicker being a ATI fan for so long and the Nvida Cards are thought of here so well in the scores I bought 2 Evga 7900GTS 256mb KO's PCE-16 cards and are running them in Sli as we speak .The cards are great and I am real happy with them all my games are like butter and fps are just nearly triple .My old system would score a 12275 on 3dmark03 but now I score 27775 which is cool . The only problem I got is it don't score here good at all and I have tried numerous drivers and I like this 93.71 Nivida driver I like the best , but I get this on my score !!! http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=C41MFWTY9AWS4U6W I have shut down everything I can find and adjusted the control panel 50 ways from sunday ,Heck I even ran test in the NUDE and I still get this usallly slow performance deal.LOL sounds like my wife HAHAHAHA I done trying to figure it out and I will mark it down as a SLI issue because I my system is runing good except for this 1 stick of back memory which is coming out now . Ok I found it ,LOL don't laugh I took it off the SLI mode and ran the test and it flew through the Video test like my X850XT use to but I got a better score .When in the SLI mode the video test with the big round circles runs very slow the other 2 test perform fine bit in standard mode it flies through all 3 test . http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=C41MFWTY9AWS4U6W GTW Hmmm I wonder what 1 card will score in 3dmark03
  7. Thank you very much This has been driving nuts for a year ,I watch alot of news video and when I clean my browser out it takes the Adobe flash players out .It can't just reinstalling it I have to go to adobe and get there unistall mod and reinstall the flash player again to watch stupid Utube video or Liveleak . Thanks For The post BEERS ON ME GTW
  8. GTW

    what ?

    OMG THAT'S FREAKING AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Nice I got to build again soon !!!!
  9. GTW

    what ?

    No worries ,I too stupid to get insulted lolol Dude I just paid attention to your sig and how much did that rig cost you ? I would love to know what your bench test score are for 3dmark03 & 3dmark06 That is a sweet set up
  10. GTW

    what ?

    Geess dwfinch relax man I was just joking around ,I have been around alot longer than you .I have the right to voice my opion even if it is differant than yours I didn't get upset when call my stuff crappy ,hehehehe because it is !!!
  11. GTW

    what ?

    HEHE progressive car insurance : maybe that's what ya'll need to test LOL
  12. GTW

    what ?

    LoL gaming bench test The amd can't even a gaming bench 3dmark03 won't get going or even 3mark 01 The Intel score a 12156 on 3dmark03 I know it's just a diagnotics test I just though it was funny I haven't been here in 6 months and the amd system been setting there in the corner clogged with dust and it's gotten as fast as my P4 or wait maybe if switch out the dust from the amd to the P4 I just thought it would be a hoot to conpare the 2 ,I do a test on my other PC's see what I get . I'll leave the dust in !!!!!!!!!!
  13. These 2 pc's are not even close in performace LOL This P4 can play any game and handle mutilple task with ease 4 months ago this scored in 1800 TechExpress link for your current results: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=M1FCFWTHMCWSF7SJ 4 months ago this same pc scored 692 It can't play games nor can't mutitask at all TechExpress link for your current results: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=N8FCFW8FMCWS4XSJ Wake up and let's get real , I know what I will hear It's just a score
  14. Hi That is the new Conroe chip isn't it ? What size is it and what socket does it run? I been wanted to change my MB out and get one chips but I thought it would be next year before they are available.My head been stuck is playing games for the last 6 months . NICE SCORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. GTW


    Hi, Welcome to the Pits I tried the one on the memory and set mine to 512 then to 1024 which the 1024 seem to be the best for .It really seem to wake up my pc (2 gigs of Mushkin PC3500 level II) I also like the Intenet Broadband speed tip it help alot too The rest on them I'll try later should be interesting and thanks again for the tips !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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