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  1. Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend the web browser..opera..I was told I shouldn't be using anything else?
  2. If it ain't broke don't fix it right,Yahoo isn't causing me any grief so I'm going to leave well enough alone, I think I'm just asking for trouble meddling with stuff I don't really understand. Thanks a million Dee Dee
  3. Yahoo is still there in installed progs and C drive prog files(thats why I went into tech support) I can get into msn and e-mail and puter seems to be working fine.It just bugs me that I can't get rid of it,thanks for all your help Hawk. Dee Dee
  4. Didn't want to bug you guys anymore so went looking around and went into msn interactive online tech support,explained prob and was told it was corrupted files for wds xp op sys..does that sound right? Dee Dee
  5. I'm gonna make this short...went to start...my puter..clicked hr dsk dr c..clicked prog fls...found yahoo folder..clicked...4 folders..common,installs,companion,messenger..clicked messenger and a load of stuff came up,should I delete it all?do I need yahoo mail if I have msn hotmail. Thanks Dee Dee
  6. Hawk did anyone ever tell you that you had the patience of a saint? re-installed yahoo messenger then uninstalled,had to get rid of the icon in the task bar myself and yahoo is still in the prog files when I click on hard disk drive c and still in installed progs(yahoo int mail),at a total loss. Dee Dee
  7. Thanks Hawk I never even saw the link and thanks for the trojan scan(no infections). Dee Dee
  8. Oh Hawk I don't know and it would be easier to help me if I had answers right? I think I had a desk top icon... as for getting rid of them I can't remember if I just deleted some and removed some or what,I'm sorry for being so vague. Thanks Dee Dee
  9. My niece suggested I d/l Yahoo messenger and it came with a lot of other crap that showed up on my internet explorer page so I got rid of it all...Yahoo internet mail is in my installed progs and won't be removed when clicked. Dee Dee
  10. Hello, I knew I'd be back!My prob this time...can't log off or turn off puter have to do it from the cpu and when I come back on a little box pops up...Initialization Error,cocreatelnstance for the my yahoo DLL failed...apply.I had yahoo but thought I got rid of it all......HELP! Thanks Dee Dee
  11. Hey, Can I get the link again to the Trojan site,thanks. Dee Dee
  12. Hi Hawk, Just looked at both things you sent me about Kazaa and Real player,most of it was Greek to me but got the gist,I saved them because my son really needs to have a look,thanks a million and have a good day! Dee Dee
  13. Are Kazaa Lite and Real Player not good for your puter?if so please tell it to my kids. Dee Dee
  14. Hi Everyone, D/Lthe cleanup that Hawk suggested and ran it don't remember the exact #'s but it said WOW you really needed this,how often should I run this cleanup.There didn't seem to be much running in the background only pc pitstop and msn messenger.Would the lack of memory make my computer really slow? Thanks Guys Dee Dee
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