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  1. Just started using Windows 10. MS Edge is the worst browser I have ever tried and I an sticking with I E or Firefox. Mail for Windows 10 is also rubbish, I can't even see how to make a contacts list that enables me to just click to put an address into an e mail. I am happy with Thunderbird. All in all I think Windows 10 is ill thought out and has not been perfected and should not have been released in it's present form.
  2. Mahler, Sibelius, Shostakovitch, Bruckner, Wagner, and many other geniuses.
  3. Anything by Gustav Mahler. The finest composer that the world has ever seen.
  4. I do, every single day, but see no point in going on about it.
  5. The thread has again been deleted from the forum. They obviously don't like justified criticism.
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