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  1. i'm using an emachine at thew minute. wouldnt reccommend buying one. tried to take it back but the retailer was having none of it (long story for another day). the gfx card was not the card i thought i was paying for, the ram and HDD are slow, the mobo is weak and the build quality is not good. since i bought this, i've replaced the gfx card, the ram, the speakers, the keyboard and mouse, the PSU, and i'm now having to replace the case because it over-heats. the system was overpriced to start (only bought it because i had over a grand in gift vouchers for a local electronics store. maybe they have changed their act in the last 6, but otherwise i feel its a duty to warn their prospective custonmers that i spent £1000 on their best system at the time, and it is crap. here endith the rant.
  2. 'lo everyone. been readin the forums now and again when i've had a problem and seems u guys have a solution for nearly everthing. wondering if u can help me spend a few quid on upgrades... at the minute i've got: 3.0ghz P4 prescott on an FIC mobo with a i865g chipset 512mb 400mhz using winbond bh5 chips ati 9700pro with arctic silent vga cooler maxtor 120gb, which i think (according to aida32 at least) is only 5400rpm qtec 550w psu and a case with all the charm of a biscuit tin basically i wanna spend around GBP700-800 on better all round performance. more storage space and proper cooling are a must, but tbh i wouldn't know what to buy. i've been told the ram and cpu are ok to keep, so unless someone can find something which will give me drastic performance and still keep under budget, i'll be keeping them. don't need monitor or speakers. would like some options if possible, and i'm looking to buy straight away :help:
  3. lol soz dude still not awake yet
  4. i'd go with the gainward card if it had to be one of them. stay well away from MSI (even if they do give u doom3) i'd suggest another solution. i bought a 9700pro last month with a new Arctic Vga Silencer for under $150. with the cooler its going to give similar performance to the nVidia cards. put it this way, i can run Far Cry on near Max detail @ 70fps
  5. are you sure your problems are virus related? seems you have every angle covered with that lineup! although is poss that some of those progs affect each other i.e. i've heard of cases of AVG and McAfee not taking too kindly to one another
  6. seriously ad-aware from lavasoftusa.com is a really good anti-virus / spyware kit. picks up stuff AVG, McAfee and Symantic doesn't
  7. compufreak: i dont think repeating what i said is gonna help matters, saying as my last post was censored. if the interupt request is ok then a reformatt maybe required. i dont think buying a new CD drive is the right way to go about it. do u have access to another CD drive u can borrow from another machine just to test if urs is the prob?
  8. i bought a new HSF for my prescott... then cut up the old heatsink with a hack-saw and used thermal paste to stick bits onto the GFX ram and random other bits on the mobo. not exatly the most professional way to do things but it worked a treat with some decent air cooling!!
  9. what i suggested in my last post was a check for device conflicts. its happened to me a few times. XP has assumed my GFX card is the same as my DVD-rw and caused a major prob when using either of the two. could be a similar prob in this case.
  10. try this on the off chance it might work: and folloe this exactly for windows XP start/ right click My Computer/ Properties/ Hardware/ Device Manager/ View/ Resources By Connection/ Interupt Request if any 2 different devices have the same interupt value then reassign one of them. i.e. 2 usb devices can have the same value, however a usb and a pci cannot if that doesnt work, i'm beat...soz dude!
  11. quote: "Would having videos and mp3s slow the bootup time? thats what my buddy keeps telling me that I had to much music and videos on here." 80% of my HD is taken up by media. thats not ur problem. the only thing that slows ur boot time is the speed of your HD, whether it be 5400, 7200 or 10000rpm. i'd say ad-aware is ur best bet. if u've already run the latest update and u still get the same probs then i hope u've got the time for a reformat!! in my experience big media files may slow ur scandisk times but never ur boot times. let me know how u get on...feedback is the best source of info!
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