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  1. ebgames, my preorder supplier informed me that valve informed them that hl2 has been pushed back to november 1st for its release date
  2. max payne2 i remember i took me 43 hours to beat FF7 and since then i have yet to even play half that hours on any one game i just bought this game cuz it was on the dirt cheap pile called hegemonia... i logged in a whopping 8 minutes on it till it aqcuired its rightful place alongside doom3 and countless others on my bookshelf of shame....more money in the trash...i need a
  3. i figured it out..active desktop was turn on, switched it off then rebooted and it was gone
  4. not off hand, if youve seen pics of windows longhorn and seen the wide bar on the right side of screen, kinda looks like that but its on the left side....actually it looks alot like the blue wide bar thats in an open drive window on the left side when folder options isnt set to classic..has the same links in it too, but folder options wont open, doesnt do anything when i click on it
  5. i rebooted my computer and suddenly i have this large wide blue bar thats integrated with my wallpaper desktop, its butons say folder tasks,other places,details...each one has links to folders like share documents, my computer..etc..i also cant open folder options in control panel its part of windows somehow but i dont know what it is or how to get rid of it, cant right click on it, its very abtrusive...someone please just make it go away
  6. yes i took it out several times and tried other dvds and thier fine...i tried isobuster but just 4gigs of empty data, i'm sure its there just cant see it, either it was quick formatted somehow or blanked, the dvd was only a month old and never been rewritten to so i cant imagine the disk itself would just fail...i need a good tool to recover the data on it, surely theres one for dvdrw's?
  7. i have a dvdrw disk in my drive that contained all mybackup files, everything was there and the next thing i did was i uninstalled my video editor trial program which i have done before and rebooted...after that everything on my dvdrw disk was completely gone and contained a file folder which had an html page from ahead software saying i'm seeing this because i dont have udf reader installed and to install incd's easywrite reader, which i never had to before so i did and didnt work, my disk is completely wiped out containing only a few kilobytes in it ...my drive is a newer sony dvd writer...all my other backup dvds show everything fine and i use read aheads incd to drag n drop files to it so i cant understand how it formatted itself how could this happen and is there any software which will recover data from dvdrw's? i have some recovery software but doesnt work with cd drives, i have several gigs of data on that disk i really need...anyideas?
  8. i have the hauppage 250...does anyone know if its 8 bit or 10 bit, it doesnt say and whats the difference between the two...i dont like mine it lags bout 3 seconds behind which makes it annoying to use like tivo to change channels as thier tech support told me its due to its buffering...are there any that doesnt lag
  9. what bout a similar vice city but with farcrys graphics/scenery and in first person and draw back to 3rd person when entering a vehicle like in halo and have cars that look as good as nfs underground...the next gta looks crappy on the ps2, hope they beef up those graphics when it comes out for pc but doubt it, if they dont get out of sony's :filtered: GTA will always have outdated graphics
  10. ive played ms flight 2k4 on my 5950 and latest drivers seem silky smooth with all graphics on high
  11. i noticed that too, i updated my bios but i think the problem was that i dont have SMBus drivers installed on that test and its the likely culprit....i just havnt tested it since i installed the drivers but i can see more than 256 being used under load in memory manager so it must be working ok...also if it didnt i dont think windows would see it or i would have lockups since my overclocked system isnt stable with only 1 stick. Jackofalltrades-as i appreciate the advice of all (as sarcastic as i am sometimes) i'm not trying to increase my score with any tricks...im trying to figure out why its so far down when im using same settings/drivers..etc (apparantly a question everyone likes to avoid)....i always test with settings i use..not settings i dont use as i think thats pointless and shutting down all those extra apps does what for my video card exactly??...well on my high end rig all my real time fraps benchmarks show NOT%#@*....not one lousy frame rate increase but forget all else...my score was like 198 when it used to be over 500 with same settings as i have now (aside from my smbus problem) seriously though..198..in comparisons it was lower than 1 geforceMX..whats up with that people...i'll have doom 3 in like 2 days and i need my card in tip top shape
  12. just the other day i saw various parts of doom3 being played for several minutes on g4tv and judging from what i saw- graphics aside- i was somewhat dissapointed by other gameplay elements, looked as though the enemy AI wasnt no more intelegent than my toaster in a bathtub and the level design,although very detailed, was nothing more than hallways and rooms which to me get tedious and boring and looked a little cramped, also looks very linear so i hope theres alot more there than just graphics, guess i'll find out in a couple days
  13. my previous score was with the new rating system and wasnt but a few weeks ago, but i dont want to increase my score by going to 16 bit mode when i use 32 bit..thats kinda pointless in testing with settings you dont use..its just numbers people, thats hardly any kind of bragging right if thats what some do it for considering pitstop isnt a very good benchmark tool...but all my settings have been set the same after a reinstall and still cant match that previous video score...i mean its 198..in comparisons there are ti 4800's that do better
  14. heres a 1% fragment link http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=VWA9LWUN8WUSWSYE along with a 100mhz cpu boost, my normal score should be over 1900, everything is normal other than my video cards 300 point loss and my new raid 0 setup doesnt score near what other raptor raids show...i tried same drivers and new drivers and direct x9.0c which hasnt boosted my frame rates by 1 lousy frame...so perhaps any ideas on my raid setup or why my video card is dying a slow death
  15. thanks mr. obvious although i could care less bout my internet score...its fast enough to play ut2k4 and other online games silky smooth so its fine for me and my 1% drive fragmentation is hardly an issue now is it, also as posted i already have all the latest drivers
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