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  1. I’ve just purchase dLAN DLAN 500 WIFI kit to replace my old Devolo dLAN 85 plug. The dLAN 500 kits (plugs) work well for surfing / streaming from the internet etc but will not work with my WD My Cloud network drive they simply will not stream the video media files using WIFI on my portable devices i.e iPad they just buffer, even my old dLAN 85 plug streamed the media content without any issues, so it can’t be a speed issue, actually the new plugs show better speed performance than the old dLAN 85 plug. The dLAN 500 does stream from my WD My Cloud network drive when using the Ethernet port without any issues to my Smart TV but just buffers when trying from WIFI to any device. Any ideas, surely it’s a setting issue somewhere, as the speed is OK, perhaps a compatibility issue. I wouldn't have bought the new kit but I had the need for more than one plug. I’d appreciate any advice.
  2. This one works & it's free!!! http://pdf-xchange-viewer.en.softonic.com/ It is only an editor, cannot create new documents. Seems to work OK, been playing for a short while.
  3. The download and installation process is enough to make me avoid this one, not exactly simple for a noob like me.
  4. Please Note: this software can't open an existing pdf file, it is one freeware for creating one PDF files. Can't open existing PDF's only ones it's created, so not much use.
  5. It's not free though is it? I already downloaded it and it was just an evaluation copy, it kept asking me for the registration key. Checking their website, only the READER is FREE.
  6. Can any body recommend a FREE PDF editor, I've Google and most are trials, those that claim to be free aren't actually editors only readers. Therefore I'd be extremely grateful if someone could point me in the right direction, thanks.
  7. But I don't understand I've got 457 GB + free on the USB Hard Drive therefore why can't I copy/paste this 4.51 GB .pst file across?
  8. I'm trying to back-up my archive emais .PST file to a USB hard drive but despite plenty of free space, every time I try I get "File Size .pst is too large for destination file system" The file is 4.51 GB. Any ideas?
  9. Looks like the Router firmware update has done the trick, now I'll have to check everything else is working OK, because last time I updated the firmware the 360 was none to happy and I had to go back to a previous version.
  10. Yeh I'll give the firmware a go, I do know I'm not using the latest version at the moment.
  11. I have a Netgear DG834PN ISDN router and it works flawlessly with all my wireless gadgets, 360, Wii, PC (XP), Laptop(XP) but with my new works laptop (Vista) the latop will not connect to my wireless network without 1st power cycling the router then the laptop connects fine. I have to power cycle every time I wish to connect this new Dell (Vista) laptop. Anybody got any ideas why?
  12. Help, I am a complete numpty when it comes to these devices. I currently appear to have a neighbour accessing my wireless connection. I've tried changing changing my security settings to WPA2-PSK Security Encryption but the net result is neither my XBOX 360 nor my laptops can then connect? What changes must I make to my laptops / 360 to let them gain access to my secure network, keep it simple please. The laptop comes up locked and when I put the same key in It doesn't recognise it. Help.
  13. I can't get shot of this little buggar, tried sys restore off but it keeps re-appearing everytime I run Ad-Aware, any ideas, but plz keep it simple. thanx
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