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    P4 2.8HT, Asus P4P800D, 512 Corsair XMS, Enermax 350W, Maxtor 120 Sata 7200rpm, XP Home, 1st build
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  1. There is no input to the moniter, pwr lite is on The mouse does not lite up No lites on the keyboard Everything in the case seems to be on & normal The reboot switch does nothing You cannot shut it off with the switch, but it will turn it on Does that sound like it would only be the MB?
  2. Click your name, on the right side of your profile is profile options, find members posts.
  3. Just mentioning the stores rip off, $200 for nothing.
  4. If they fixed the error why would a reinstall be needed? If they did not fix would be a reason for a reinstall, or they trashed the OS when trying to do a fix. The help here seems to be the best way to do a fix, unless you know a good shop. Stores seem to be rip offs many times. As in the fix being done now (see post #5) geeksquad=Best Buy? http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?show...164713&st=0
  5. Could clean the temporary files. ATF cleaner or CCleaner
  6. You could try MBAM in SM when the program should not be running. I have been using AVG, my sister uses Avast, I hear Avira is the best at the moment pick one, you don't need to keep that one. "I have no clue" Can you use Task Manager?
  7. It looks like MBAM found some problems, was it able to fix things? Are you trying one of the free AVs?
  8. Open the MBAM program & select Logs in the row of tabs at the top.
  9. MBAM find anything? You could post its log. If Terminater is your AV, try running one of the free AVs. Run your programs in Safe Mode. It might come to having to post a HJT log.
  10. As far as I can tell, Spyware terminator is more of a AS than a AV. Is SAS free or payed version? D/L MalwareBytes, update, & run it. Try online scanner Kaspersky Usually Avira, Avast, or AVG are the reccomended AV's that are free. Spyware terminator is stated to be able to run with another AV?
  11. Irving, you have to wait your turn at HJT. Also they are looking for posts with 0 replies to help, you created +1
  12. If you uncheck auto restart in System>Advanced, you might get a error code screen??
  13. Not the key & now I hear it has to be the original disk.
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