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  1. I assume you tried 'Last Known good config'? Scorp.
  2. Just a thought...have you tried this without the wireless card installed? Maybe there is a conflict there. Scorp.
  3. It could be the OC'ing, but it's more likely that the vid card is overheating. MAke sure all fans are clear and working, and blow all dust off the card. Scorp.
  4. Or, since it's a Compaq, a NUCLEAR FLASH might be a better option
  5. Well.......that's weird......but then, it's a compaq....what more to say...lmao
  7. Click on where it says 'Unusually low drive perfrmance (F), and then scroll down to 'Make sure DMA is enabled', and follow the directions for your O/S..... Scorp.
  8. Aha, well, that was one way of doing it. However, I think I found the info to access the BIOS....F1 or F10.... HERE
  9. And the work around waaaassssssss........TADA!!!........????? What? lol. Scorp
  10. New sig for Cathie..... --==NO MERCY COMPUTER REPAIRS==-- --==WE'LL EITHER FIX IT==-- --==OR FORMAT IT==-- --==BUT EITHER WAY==-- --==WE'LL HAVE NO MERCY==-- lmao.....good job tho....you went thru a lot more than most would before doing the big F! Scorp.
  11. Will it let you delete it without putting it in the recycle bin? S.
  12. Ok, are you booting into 'William's' account in XP? And it recognises your disk etc, no problems? (I guess so, as you are this far along). And no, that computer is not infected. S.
  13. To find out if you are running NTFS, open my computer, right click on the C: drive, click properties, and it will tell you the file type. S.
  14. Now THERE is a question....Hmmmmmm....I THINK you will be ok to use the ME one, the only thing I'm not sure of is if ME will handle NTFS (I've never used ME). This is for someone else to answer...... [edit] (ok, found the answer...ME WILL NOT handle NTFS, so if your file system is NTFS, you will need to use the XP computer) Scorp.
  15. Wow, nice find duanester, I'm gonna keep that one. Handy to know little details like that that can cause so much trouble! Scorp.
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