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    Case: Thermochill V2K-PRO. Main Board: DFI LanParty NF4 SLI-DR. CPU: AMD Athlon64x2 4800+. RAM: Corsair Twinx 4 x 1Gb Graphics Cards: 2X 512Mb 7800GTXs in SLI HDD: 4X 300Gb Maxtor DiamondMax10. FAN Controller: Matrix Orbital MX412. PSU: Tagan 530w 2force. OS: Windows XP PRO.
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  1. Thanks I did it I just had to rename and make it a jpeg. I downloaded some icons too but they dont appear as icons when i try to find them in my documents. anybody tried this ? I like the look of the theme but can't seem to be able to change any of the icons i download Alan
  2. Hi I just downloaded the Crystalxp but when i downloaded a wallpaper to put on my comp from the same site it came on desktop for about 2 secs them it just went off again to just a normal blue screen desktop! Any ideas? Thanks Alan
  3. not much runway at all lol got a big yard out back
  4. Had it built for me cost about 3500, very fast computer, will last me a while before I need to upgrade. Just keeping an eye on the water at the moment not used the having water cooled system.
  5. this one works fine for me http://www.algreeninit.com/mycomputer.htm
  6. Hi This is good to find all codecs on comp http://www.updatexp.com/sherlock-codec-detective.html
  7. ye going to look into that thanks
  8. This is going to be my new system hope you like new comp
  9. Thank you thats what i wanted to here will let you know what it runs like when i get it thamk you very much for your comets......
  10. thanks for the info.... Your right in so many ways but i want a good computer that plays games well and does all the other things i ask of it. Money is no concern at the moment so do you think this system is right...if its going to last me a few year thats fine but if i could get better let me know ok thanks alan
  11. A reasonable brand name in a 60 inch shouldnt set you back much more than 10k (sterling). 10k whats that if its £10000 how much money do you think i have lol I would like another monitor to go with my system,,, looking at around 20" whats the best price you can find...
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