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  1. Yeah, but do you set it up for team 32035???
  2. What name do you fold under? I don't see you on the stats page.
  3. If you need a replacement power supply, go with a Corsair. They're very good and efficient PSUs. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817139004
  4. Stay away from 64-bit Windows XP like the plauge. It has absolutely horrible driver support. Unless you don't like your hardware working go with Vista 64-bit or Linux for 64-bit computing. Otherwise, stick with good 'ol 32-bit Windows.
  5. yipes. It would probably help if I read your original post a little more thoroughly... Thats a tough one. Who is your motherboard manufacturer? A BIOS update may be in order. However, I would only recommend this as a last ditch method because BIOS updates are freaking dangerous. But, if the problem occurs before you get into windows it is a problem with the BIOS. You can try clearing your CMOS by taking the little battery off of your motherboard and waiting about 5mins, then putting it back in. After that, see if you're still having troubles.
  6. If your hard drive makes noises like that it is very likely failing. Back up important data immediately. After your data is backed up, download the ultimate boot cd from here: http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ burn the disc image to a cd and boot from that. There are a number of good hard drive error checking tools that can help diagnose a bad disk. Also, download and install SpeedFan from here: http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php Apart from reading temperature sensors in your PC, speedfan can be used to read hard disk S.M.A.R.T info, which will give you drive troubleshooting information.
  7. I have been a computer repair technician and an IT support specialist. Hardware support is the lowest paying job in the industry. Its what all the guys down at your big box stores do. It is a good place to start when working in the field, however, if you are looking to make a career out of computers I would recommend working in a business instead of a retail outlet. With the training you mentioned you should be easily eligible for a position at any large organization's help desk. This would be a great place to start because there is plenty of room to move up. Outside consultants easily make the most money so learning how to design large computer networks from the ground up and implementing them is key. Organizations moving and growing will pay big bucks to the people who come in and tell them how to do it. IT is a fun field to work in, I wish you the best of luck.
  8. With an Athlon X2 4050e, would I gain more PPD by enabling two console clients on different machine IDs or by installing the SMP client?
  9. Reading this post brought back some old memories. So, I brought two older machines online (an athlon XP 2100+ and a Sempron 2800+) folding in oldgardener's memory. Then I dropped two console clients onto my Athlon X2 laptop. When my main computer's motherboard comes back from ASUS I will bring another two cores of my Athlon X2 4050e online and look into folding on my nVidia 9500GT. Any tips on GPU folding for someone who hasn't folded on a graphics card? Also, what do you recommend between using two console clients or the SMP client on an Athlon X2. Its good to be folding again.
  10. Svchost.exe, which you will find running all the time, takes up alot of system memory. You may be asking yourself, what is this mysterious process, and why is it using all my memory? Well, Svchost is the Windows process that runs Windows Services, the little applications built into windows that makes it run. However, Windows likes to turn on most of its services for you, when you don't need all of them running. Therefore, in an effort to speed our system up and free plenty of memory, we want to tweak the services that are running on our machine. We can do this easily. First, open up the start menu, click on run and type in "Services.msc" This will open up a services window which will allow you to edit your services. To turn a service on or off just right click the service, click on properites, and change the startup type. Automatic will run the service all the time, Manual will allow Windows to start the service when it needs to, however Windows is kind of bad at this so we want to help it out instead of putting every service on manual. And lastly, Disabled. Which, as you guess disables the service. Now, lets go through the list of services and tweak these to our liking. Black Viper put out a list of what services you want running, its great, http://www.majorgeeks.com/page.php?id=12 Follow that guide to tweaking the services to how you want them. Hopefully your computer will run alot better. To see how much memory these services take up, right click the taskbar and select Task Manager. Then click on processes and look at all the processes named Svchost.exe, these are all instances of services running. you can look at the amount of memory taken up by each service to the right of the svchost.exe listing as well. You might want to take a look at this before and after you tweak your services to see how much ram you have opened up.
  11. http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?showtopic=115802
  12. (most likely a obvious question) Is there onboard video on the board? Bacause, if so, use that and then disable it in the bios before installing a new card.
  13. Actually, It will most likely need PC100, but 133 should still work, even with a 100mhz bus. However, these things can be testy, and if it doesn't work, throw pc100 in there.
  14. Well, this changes things. I'm pulling a rig off seti and on to FAH. Its on suckers. Its on.
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