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  1. $3.99 FedEx Saver Shipping honestly.. whats up with newegg latley? theyre already $200 + more than monarch computers, and they still want to charge $3.99 shipping??
  2. i would try another cpu first i think before returning that one.. i have heard of cpus running with broke pins just fine(someone here ran one with like 2 or 3 broke pins i think).. the force of the fall may have damaged something else in the computer. might as well check it to see if you might need to replace anything else.
  3. no body mentioned Angus Young? was peter frampton listed?
  4. it had enuff force to rip the cpu from the socket but not unplug the little wire running off the fan... weird
  5. in NC.. 89 °F / 32 °C Mostly Cloudy Heat Index: 94 °F / 34 °C Humidity: 53% Dew Point: 70 °F / 21 °C Wind: 4 mph / 6 km/h from the ESE
  6. you dont need a super excuse to send it back to newegg, just tell them that the processor died and if your still covered under their rma poilcy, theyll have you a new one about 3 days after they get your old one. edit: but if you dropped your computer, you may want to check the video card to see if it's seated correctly still because if the heatsink fell off, it had to land on something
  7. in every forum ive been to, there is an option in the my controls/board settings menu that allows you to cut off signatures, avatars, user posted images, and even smileys.. I think that signatures would be a good way to add a bit of flavor to the site, as long as there are size regulations placed on them. i mean like something no bigger than 450 x 200 or so should be plenty big for a nice signature.. thats alot smaller than the images some people put in their posts
  8. so we're breaking the rules by having images in signatures? i thought dave was just being nice by giving us the benefit of the doubt that we were mature enuff to have signatures.. :help:
  9. pci-e cards will not sit down in a regular pci slot. you need a special motherboard with pci express slots. they are totally differant than the normal pci slots that a sound card or something similar would plug into
  10. if i was talking to someone like this: the thread would be closed and i would be getting a PM from a mod or admin..
  11. not sure if it matters, but you may want to look for a power supply with an active PFC everything looks great tho. i use this in my SLI setup, it seems to do really well
  12. i had 2 6600gts in SLi that were whooping the crap out of my 6800gt and x800pro.. 2 6800s in SLi should beat almost any single card, i would think..
  13. i showed up a little late for this one, but i would like to state my opinion on the original subject here. The confederate flag is a symbol of my past, and will always remain a symbol of my past. I have one flying in my backyard right now, and it will always fly there. Taking it down would be like kicking the tombstone off of my ancestors grave for being involved in that war. I am an active member in the CSV , i have SCV licence plates displayed proudly on my cars (for anyone who doesn't know what that is : ) It is my heritage, which is very similar to a marriage, for better or wo
  14. I realize I've not been here in a while, and this thread is one of the reasons I quit coming here, but, I really couldnt help but post my 2 cents here.. Everyone has made very good points, but I have to agree that pound for pound , dollar for dollar,the Pentium M is the best bang for your buck chip. I really can't bring myself to take advice on computers from someone who has a BEST BUY built machine trying to tell everyone how good it is.
  15. for the money, this , is the best ram i have seen.. easily does 250mhz with 5-3-2-2.5 timings and 2.8v
  16. i gotta know.. is Best Buy going to build it for you this time too?
  17. is he going to cut the second notch in the pc4400 his self his computer calls for pc100/133 he cannot use pc1600, 2100, 2700, 3200, 3500, 3700, 4000, 4400.. etc.. your best bet would be to order from crucial, proprietary ram is hard to match without some trial and error. ive ordered several times from crucial, they were fast, and everything has worked just like it should
  18. has it never pubished an AM score, or is this a new thing? if it just started, you could try a system restore to a previous date, and see if that helps
  19. you dont think the extra 7 or 800mhz will give them the 8000 extra points needed
  20. am i the only one thinking that if SIK or Shogan got ahold of that setup with a 3ghz+ fx55 that 30k could be broke
  21. :beer: :beer: it's about time so hows it feel to be able to talk on the phone, and run pit tests at the same time
  22. since i went to the 1003-008 bios, this board has been flawless. running stock 24/7 no problems what so ever.. the initial bios sucks, kept hanging on reboots, or most of the time, not rebooting at all.. and constant BSOD machine_check_errors.. but the new bios has cured what ails me..
  23. 1003-008 works best for me.. the stock bios and the 1003-005 sucked wayy to buggy
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