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  1. Nice ewitte love the internet speed! I still have a few of both of the shirts my youngest keeps steeling them! LOL
  2. @caintry_boy I love the 1080 and it got me back in the hall of fame on Futuremark! this is the first time in I don't even know in how long I have only run a single card! When I went to the 6950X I switched my two EVGA 980's in for the single EVGA 1080 SC. It will OC to anything you want! And I also love my Crucial memory I have that & Gskill Ripshaws, but the Crucial will run like the video card pretty much any speed I set! And memory needs no voltage at 3000 (stock XMP speed) 1.2v! @3200 & [email protected] the memory only needs 1.255v LOL 1.5v is it's rated voltage. I can get 80,000+MB/s
  3. Hey IG I was going to do the test but I don't have IE installed. I did get a couple of my Futuremark benchies back in the hall of fame.
  4. Just signed all my 480's up for the EVGA step up program. Trading in the 480 GTX SC's for 3 580 GTX's ONLY $60.00 for all three! There not the Super Clocked ones but I will live with it. Kram post more scores
  5. You can download Take Ownership .reg key double click to install. Then Right click any folder, file Left click Take Ownership and you're good to go. You can get it here (scroll down) or do a search for Window 7 Take Ownership http://www.nofearcomputers.com/downloads/windows/windowsdownloads.htm This may also help you in the future. Some basics you may not need scroll down I also have some nice tweaks. But remember ALWAYS BACK-UP the registry before playing with it. http://www.nofearcomputers.com/windows/windows7.htm#win7tweak Hope those help Windows 7 can be a bear but once you
  6. Single Nvidia VS Dual X2 Crosswired ATI's :dominate: http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?c...;report=Summary CPU MIPS 64769 MIPS 0.100 = 6477 Top 1% RAM MB/sec 20964 MB/sec 0.100 = 2096 Top 1% Video MP/sec 567 MP/sec 4.000 = 2269 Top 1% Disk MB/sec 59 MB/sec 5.000 = 295 Top 8% Internet 1665 Kb/sec 9832 Kb/sec 0.200 = 200 Top 19% Total 11337 Top 6% Where's Raymo? On to the 12000 club
  7. That's the million dollar question Most of the time we can't say because of NDA with the chip makers. If it's listed for public knowledge all is good. Everybody wants every chip to be micron LOL It's not so much who's chip .... It's more where on the wafer was the chip cut from? How close are they matched in speed? I gets pretty teched out The fastest chips are center wafer, then they need to be matched in speed. On good overclocking memory all the chips should be within 5mhz of each other. And that doesn't mean that 800 is 800 to 805, they could al
  8. Thanks I_G I'll try the 7.7 & 7.8's have problems with the DDR4 cards. You know I have tried every driver they have......each time the bench looks better & better LOL ATI hello...we want faster & faster
  9. Looks good .....PCmark 05 not sure if it works on my system ...hmm need to check. ATI futuremark drivers? anyone?
  10. OMG your clueless Bandwidth VS LATS 1:1 is DDR, DDR2 & DDR3 don't need 1:1 So [email protected] 9-9-9-24 would be really really slow? but wait ...1:1 2000 fsb that would do the trick Search DDR....DDR2....DDR3 do a little research
  11. I would just like to say thanks everyone for buying nvidia cards Yep I can see next years war already.........NO ATI CARDS, without score caps
  12. 680die And I think I_G started that ........but I like it! Crosswire is all mine
  13. Need some input from everyone. I put up a vote for an open team ........from all the forums for people that didn't make the cut off. A few people had hardware, parts, dead problems. So I thought everyone should get the chance to have " FUN" LOL http://www.theraptorpit.com/forum/index.ph...c=1159&st=0
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