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  1. Thank you Admin.....didnt have a chance to try out your fix, because I contacted Tiffany's directly and had them move my name off the mailing list. They denied that the mail I was opening came from them, but removing me worked anyway.
  2. Hard to explain, but sometimes opens itself. For right now, how do I delete that window.? I have ran MalwareBytes program to no avail.
  3. I received a junk mail email from Tiffany's which, when I open it, leaves a window that will not dellete unless I reboot . Using XP and Outlook Express systems.
  4. Yes, I have popup blocker turned on
  5. Well, I did just notice something at the very tip top margin of the banner ad I have missed before now that says: THIS PAGE DELIVERED TO YOU BY A WEB BROWSER EXTENSION. OK then, does that help solve this problem?
  6. I have and had already ran Malware Bytes, and it shows system is 100% clean. Even the full scan is clean.
  7. Unusual behavior that recently started 1, Random content 2. Not every webpage but getting close I feel 3. Appear to "float" on top of webpage but take up the ENTIRE screen. They can be deleted thank heavens.
  8. How do I stop these full page "banner ads" that have started popping up all over the place.? Using XP, I.e. 8 and running anti-spy programs religiously. Doesnt stop them.
  9. Wow..........you are 1 away from your 5000th post!! How great!! We are all waiting.........
  10. 8210GUY........You have answered my prayers. Smart Defrag is the niftiest little program I have seen in ages. Thanks so much for the tip. It will also accomplish another task called Optimize. I wonder what that does?
  11. All the sudden when I go to use Diskeeper to defrag drives, I get an advice window on the NTFS drives only (which includes main C). The FAT32 drives (also internal) defrag just fine. The advice window says "Diskeeper could not initialize". Can I delete Diskeeper and just use the windows system as I did on 98se? I have XP now, and up to now DK has been working fine.
  12. No, all these things were done already.......but here is what happened. A couple days ago, after I had just about given up, the power to the pc got turned off accidentally. When I fired it back up (the power strip), the ext hard drive all the sudden was recognized by XP. Prior to that I had disconnected power on numerous occasions to the drive, but not to the pc it was connected to. Go figure. Thanks everybody for the help.
  13. Scotchjock.........was this problem ever resolved? Mine is doing the same thing. Windows does not recognize external.
  14. Heofthedark.......thanks for responding! It is a 120GB external "generic" drive, which has been working and loading since last July just fine, until the other day when I turned it on, and received message "USB device not recognized. One of USB devices has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it". Message went on to suggest a troubleshooting method which I did, but no luck, except to say that "No drivers are installed for this device". So I put the USB Driver Software disc in which eventually resulted in this message "Wizard could not find a better match than the software you have
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