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  1. When I carve wood, they all become fire logs haha. Nice work buddy, those are very cool.
  2. Common sense goes a long way, pick up your feet as your exiting the escalator and your feet will remain unscathed. Of course children don't always pick up their feet when they walk, so it is understandable that there would be incidents involving them; but there is no excuse for an adult being injured on one.
  3. it appears that I live in the coldest place on the planet haha
  4. A balmy 48f here today, supposed to get to a whopping 57f though.
  5. My heart breaks for your loss. My deepest condolences
  6. Might go and see a football match, but not likely we are going to see rugby. I am sure that the architecture is just amazing everywhere around Europe, the oldest buildings we have here in Edmonton are about 150 years old and they are generally poorly preserved... seeing some medieval and Gothic architecture would just be amazing. I think that it is safe to say that I won't be doing any driving in Europe... the whole driving on the opposite side of the road thing would certainly mess me up... plus petrol is far too expensive and your cars are too small haha.
  7. bah the only reason I said Europe is to get a cross section of McDonalds prices... I didn't want people from Italy or Germany or... to feel left out if I just asked the Ukers That is cool, so McDonalds really isn't that much more expensive there than here... at least it isn't like £5 for a burger at rotten ronnies. Nice to know that you can get a decent meal anywhere in the world for less than $10 haha
  8. Can someone anywhere in Europe tell me approximately how much it is for a cheeseburger (just the sandwich) at McDonalds. I just want to get a feel for how much stuff costs.
  9. Very true, rich people usually don't say that they are rich either... people imply you are rich.
  10. humility has been back ordered though I see
  11. Maybe if you sell the silver spoon from your mouth you will be able to afford a Lexus Screw buying a diamond ring for your girlfriend, learn some humility... it will go alot further.
  12. You don't need a new air filter unless yours looks bad, you can't clean them though because they are just paper filters (you can get a K&N reusable performance air filter but it will cost you 3-5x more than a regular one). You might want a new fuel filter, it all depends on when it was changed last... if you don't know then you might want to do it anyways, just get them to quote you on it when you take it in and if you are comfortable with the cost then probably get it done. Fuel filter should get replaced at least once a year, preferably more. You got the serpentine belt replaced? How many miles does your vehicle have on it?
  13. 5000km is the generally accepted number here... so about every 3000 miles would be ideal
  14. I thought it was a trick question so I wasn't even close. Answer makes sense, I am just being dumb
  15. Where in canada you going? Probably Toronto or Montreal like everyone else haha
  16. I found that the line "I just want to see you happy, I really hope you find someone that makes you as happy as you have made me" is pretty effective. Don't use that one bigchrome haha things should hopefully return to normal in a week or so and it shouldn't be awkward.
  17. Sounds like a fair enough response It might not fall into place, but it shouldn't require a lot of forcing haha. ps. my 10,000th post whoo hoo
  18. If she doesn't have a restraining order against you then you're not trying hard enough Either give her some space or just let it die... if she changes her mind then she will probably let you know. Give her a week and then see if she wants to do something (don't confuse it with a date in your mind), if she wants to continue being your friend then it won't be awkward and if it is really awkward then things will probably just die between you two. Just don't seem too needy, you will kill everything with her if you cling to her after being rejected.
  19. That sucks man, I know it feels pretty crappy. At least she didn't lead you on though. Things will get better
  20. haha you are completely right there
  21. haha good job! the cell bills are worth it
  22. yeah, dinner has to come first
  23. haha I pretty much gave my gal an ultimatum and you are right about her stopping now she won't talk to me at all... not like we talked much in the past little bit anyways. I think things are pretty much over between us now, just depends on who is willing to drop the writ first, and since she isn't talking to me then I guess it will be me.
  24. I know how it feels Just be yourself and she will either fall for you, or she won't... it sounds cliche, but it really is true. Let the (mind) games begin by talking about her ex's and telling you about the date she could just be playing with you to see how you feel about her, I've had that happen before. The girls that I have been with are all impossible to read and even tougher to predict, that is why I say to not worry about the politics and just be yourself.
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