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  1. No data stolen that you know about, who knows if people are selling your credit card information on the internet though. It is not like your computer will start flashing and a siren will go off if you have been hacked, you will likely not know until the damage has already been done.
  2. You can clean up pictures to a degree, if you post it here I'm sure a couple of people will attempt to clean it up for you I usually blur my pictures and use funky effects so I'm probably not the best guy, but I can give it a shot too.
  3. From website: * Features: Intel Pentium D820 Processor * 1GB DDR2 SDRAM * 320GB Hard drive * 16x DVD+/-RW and CDRW Combo Drive * 56k/V.92 data/fax Modem * Integrated 8 Channel Audio (speakers sold separately) * Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator * Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium * Keyboard and Mouse included. so it is 2.8GHz, 2mb cache. For the $400 price tag it seems ok, probably has a pretty basic mobo and the video would need to be upgraded to do any kind of gaming. Out of the box it would be good for surfing the in
  4. Should go with a good Russian or Irish name for a boy, like: Seamus or Alexei
  5. Passenger - Circles It is the vocalist from In Flames (Anders) with some other swedes, pretty entertaining band.
  6. normal people aren't mass murderers, his actions imply that he was crazy
  7. That means that 25% of firearm homicides are with legally obtained weapons... the United States is right up there with the 3rd world countries when it comes to homicides and injuries stemming from firearms. You can argue it all you want, but the United States is easily one of the worst places for gun crime in the world... maybe gun legislation doesn't work, but the system in the United States now sure as hell doesn't work either.
  8. I can't see how it is the parents fault at all, she is old enough to know right from wrong and it is apparent that she chose not to exercise that judgment. This is a shocking crime and she should certainly be punished; however, it is no worse then any other blatant action that resulted in the death of an infant... this is more shocking because of the magnitude of the incident, but the result is the same and should be dealt with in the same manner that any other case would be dealt with.
  9. This just rehashes my hard feelings from when I was suspended here for absolutely nothing, a mod was having a bad day I guess. Welcome back BB, I am glad that they had the sense to let you back. Some very interesting and good people have been banned for relatively little, while realistically I should have been banned well before them.
  10. This used to be a vibrant and active forum, I used to really look forward to logging on and seeing what people had to say about everything and anything. Even looking at the traffic stats on Alexa it is clear to see that the forum has steadily gone downhill. I still like this place, but it sure isn't what it used to be thanks to some overzealous actions regarding some pretty good people.
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