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  1. is it your colour depth? Maybe try changing it from 16 bit to 32 if you can... when I made a wallpaper the colours were all isolated and then I realized that I changed to 16 bit so when I changed it back to 32 it looked perfect.
  2. yeah, I hope everyone has a good Easter also
  3. I have seen that one before, it is interesting but is going to be nearly impossible to prove or disprove.
  4. I would have strangled Hitler before he came into power
  5. I jumped the gun, we just learned about the biological constraints of conditioning today and sure enough food aversion was up there. I will eat crow for that one, Adam was right
  6. Chop never posted in this thread Isolated cases don't make a theory. Alot of people eat crappy tasting things every day and then they come back and eat it the very next day. I could throw out a whole bunch of random theories that could possibly pertain to this issue, it doesn't mean that they are correct. B.F Skinner had some interesting ideas on the subject of classical conditioning, if you want to learn more about I recommend checking out some of his work.
  7. After one instance? What kind of psychology are they teaching you? Classical conditioning will rarely happen after one occurance, even if it does then it's effects will not be severe and will not resist extinction much. Lactose intolerance is not nearly as common as it is made out to be, it is mostly a problem experianced by people of an ethnic background where they are not used to having dairy. It is possible, but it could be many other things as well.
  8. I don't believe in god, or any religion for that matter. You can believe what you want and I will believe what I want. Just because I am not religious doesn't mean that I am inferior or not worthy of an opinion. You preech tolerance, as long as it is identical tp your ideals. I am willing to judge, because at the end of the day I really don't think that there is a higher being that will do so for me. Everything has special meaning to every person, it shouldn't be mocked rather embraced.
  9. I know that I cannot forgive a person like that, no matter how sincere the apology. It relinquishes them of their actions and takes the responsibility away from them. In my opinion people need to be held accountable for their crimes. Let the punishment fit the crime.
  10. Complain to mediacom, not us. We can't do anything to help you, but if you keep on mediacom then they will do something for you. Phone them, ask to speak to the manager/person in charge and then explain the poor service and overcharging. Companies will usually do something if you ask the right person, if you keep on complaining to the person making $7/h then you will get nowhere. File a complaint with the BBB or whatever you have there.
  11. you have too much time on your hands
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