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  1. I tried everything suggested here and I still have the problem. Maybe I could try uninstalling and re-installing the wireless gateway but I don't know how to do that.
  2. Click on Start Click on Network Click on Network and Sharing Center Choose Manage network connections on the Task pane Right-click on Wireless Network Connection Select Disable OK. I did all that and it still didn't work. If I disconnect my ISP but leave the computer on, the neighbor's xfinity ISP connects. If I shutdown my computer and then reboot, my ISP connects. I don't have this problem with my laptop, which I'm on now, just the desktop, and I noticed that the neighbor's ISP name is above my ISP's name in the popup window that you see when you click on the internet c
  3. It's the name of his internet provider, like ATT, and so on.
  4. I tried to disconnect all the ISPs that show up but everything has to be disconnected for it to work, and the xfinity one keeps reconnecting itself.Now what? Good grief.
  5. Sorry. I have a Compaq Presario desktop, SR2180NX, using Vista Home Premium, and a Pentium D processor 820. I noticed that when I shut down my computer and then later restart it, it will sign in to my ISP like it's supposed to. But when I leave my computer on and disconnect from my ISP, that's when the neighbor's xfinity service connects automatically. I can't see why I can't adjust something to keep this from happening. I hope I don't have to do a complete re-install of the OS.
  6. I'm sure he was joking. Anyway, I tried his suggestion and it didn't work. It keeps reconnecting. I tried the window with x-infinity on it that said "Connect even if not broadcasting." and unchecked the box. That didn't work. It reconnected. So I I called my ISP and the lady said to try going to "Manage Wireless Networks" and remove x-infinity from the list so it wont connect automatically. It still reconnected. The lady asked if I connected with x-infinity by mistake and I told her I had, so she said my computer is remembering that connection. But shouldn't I be able to remove it by doing t
  7. I have a strange problem. My desktop is set to connect to my gateway automatically but I need to use it not connected a lot while I transfer CDs and do other things, so I don't use internet time needlessly. I signed off my service but after a while I noticed I was connected again, but I was connected to x-infinty, which I don't have a subscription for. A neighbor does, which I can see when I click on the internet icon and the window pops up showing my service and all the nearby neighbors' services. It says his service isn't secure. I have no idea who this is and don't want to steal their
  8. It says I have version 1.27. Guess I did something wrong.
  9. I made a disc and when it went in, the LED on the player said "Bye" and then flashed "LFVU" over and over. Then it said "Eject Disc" and the disc came out. Does this mean my player is updated?
  10. Hi. I have a year old Panasonic Blu-ray player, model DMP-DB65. I had problems playing a recent Blu-ray movie from a Redbox and went to the Panasonic site and downloaded the update for my player to my desktop like they said to do. For some reason, when I tried to send it to my CD burner to make the update CD, it opens in Wordpad and I see a long page of bizarre letters and figures. When I load a disc I made with it in the player, I get a message that says "This disc is incompatible". I still have the shortcut for it on my desktop. It says PANA_DVD. What can I do to make a proper update CD? Tha
  11. It has the SATA cable. Thanks for showing me what it is. Will any SATA type CD/DVD drive do for my desktop? The noise is really irritating.
  12. I looked inside and the CD/DVD hard drive only has one plug plugged in and the product number for the desktop is RK548AA-ABA, if that helps narrow things down to show what I need. So you think the drive needs replacing then?
  13. I have a Compaq Presario desktop with a 32 GB processor, 4 GBs of memory, and runs Windows Vista Home Premium, SR2180NX. It still has the original CD/DVD-drive and seems to work OK but it's often really noisy when I burn CDs. Half the time it's quiet and half the time it's noisy, making a constant loud hum when it is. Could this be the CDs making it be noisy at times or is my CD/DVD drive starting to go and needs replacing? If I need a new drive, how do I make sure I get the right type for my desktop? Thanks for any advice.
  14. Hi. My Lenovo laptop (G560, 64 bit, Windows 7) isn't detecting the CD/DVD drive installed in it. I get a message that it needs a new driver to replace the corrupted one. I went to the Lenovo website but don't know which driver there to download. Thanks for any advice.
  15. The system restore fixed it. I had to go back a week and now I can left click again. Thanks oftentired and Jacee.
  16. I tried a new battery but still have the problem. I found that left clicking will work to open desktop icons but I have to left click many times in a row before it does. I also noticed that the touchpad left click function is messed up too. And when I go to the control panel, my wireless mouse doesn't show up as a device, just the touchpad, but the Lenovo Thinkvantage Toolbox program detects it and the touchpad and both pass all the function tests. I have no idea what's going on here.
  17. I also found out that if I click and drag a non-working desktop shortcut to the taskbar, it will work when I left click it.
  18. Hi. I have a fairly new Lenovo laptop using Windows 7 and a 64 bit processor. Lately I can't open any shortcut icons on my desktop but when I right click one, the window will show up with "open" at the top, and when I click on that, the shortcut works fine. When I left click on the same shortcut in the taskbar or one on the favorites bar, they work fine. Some programs won't work either when I try left clicking. I tried another mouse and had the same problem. I have the CCleaner program, which I've been using everyday to clean temp files and other things. I've also been using the registry
  19. I think my problem is solved. I read that a program called Panda anti-phishing could be the problem so I should uninstall it. I have enough protection already so I uninstalled it and I haven't had any more problems. Thanks for the advice, everybody.
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