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  1. ok will forget that idea lol. last question i have my new ram in slot a1 and b1 can i stick my old ram in a2 or b2 to get 24gb ram or will it not work as that runs at 2666 and my new ram stuck at 2133 and is it worth trying to sell my new ram and get the same but instead of 3200mhz get the 2666mhz or is the diffence hardly worth noticing. Again thanks for all the help
  2. Hi Thanks for the reply yeah i came across that too so would i need a new motherboard as i have the latest version of bios installed from asus but was reading some people use a compatible bios for more features or is that risky lol
  3. Hi all, hopefully someone can help me i have a Rog Strix GL 12 Series pc that had 8gb ram in it running at 2666mhz so i went and bought 2 8gb sticks of corsair vengeance 3200mhz but when i put them in it says i have the 16gb of ram but its running at 2133mhz so i went to bios to enable xmp but it doesnt have that or any features to change the speed am kinda lost now as do i put the 1 8gb stick back in thats running at 2666mhz or keep the 16gb running at 2133mhz. the motherboard is a GL12CM. any help much appreciated :)
  4. i use bt broadband too and it is pants... i had telewest blueyonder before and it was alot better
  5. i built it myself and just got a standard case i had a look on the uk ebay but could not find just a side panel plenty cases that had them though
  6. does anybody know where i can buy just the side window panel instead of getting a whole new case as the case i have got is new but does not have a window side on it p.s to buy from the uk
  7. the hard drive often makes a click sometimes too could that be anything to do with it
  8. how would i check to see if they are overheating
  9. my comp restarts during playing a game online sometimes i can play a full game sometimes i get 20 minutes sometimes 5 its getting pretty annoying now i have took it off automatic restart from the sytem restore but it still restarts sometime i will get system has recovered from a serious error sometimes i donti have now took the side of the case of to see if that makes any difference does anybody have any idea what this could be its not the memory as i have checked that
  10. :welcome: the only other choice i can see is to overclock your graphics and mobo if you really want more of score
  11. used to be able to get it from microsoft updates but not anymore i got it from here http://java.com/en/index.jsp
  12. i got into the admin of the router if that helps these are the options Status Home PPP ADSL Configuration WAN LAN PPP NAT Virtual Server Bridge Filtering DNS User Password Configuration Save Settings / Reboot Admin Privilege WAN Status ATM Status ADSL Configuration Route Table Learned MAC Table RIP Configuration SNMP Configuration DDNS Configuration Misc Configuration TCP Status Admin Password Configuration Reset to Factory Default Diagnostic Test System Log dont know if this helps any was told to enable dmz then enter my ip address from normal broadband modem but it still mever worked
  13. yeah thats it dmz lol my router is a origo asr 8000 one lan port and one usb port i use the usb port on my comp
  14. how about this card or do you think it is overpriced or could get a better one for the money http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...5100082706&rd=1
  15. am not seeing any difference in them they are both showing 1966 with same results it may be me though so wait to see what others see
  16. lol those tests are the exact same again
  17. ok i went to the site of the router and there is something there about turning off dvc or d something something which opens all ports then just use some sort of software protection does anybody know how i would turn this off and what kind of software protection i would need
  18. i cant find where to put this in have been into bits and just unchecked everything but still the same networking confuses me
  19. not sure i think roughly about $250 maybe less
  20. or you could just download the dll then put it where it belongs http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/index.shtml
  21. am not to sure how i would find that out the only game i really play online is aoe2 on msn zone would i find that out from msn zone
  22. yeah i have a dvd rw in my other pc ok think i will go for the graphics card then thanks for your help guys
  23. yeah that happened with me before i got my own xp my friend got a compaq and i thought i would install his xp to get the 30 day trial but it would not install as it was looking for compaq hardware or something
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