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  1. ok will forget that idea lol. last question i have my new ram in slot a1 and b1 can i stick my old ram in a2 or b2 to get 24gb ram or will it not work as that runs at 2666 and my new ram stuck at 2133 and is it worth trying to sell my new ram and get the same but instead of 3200mhz get the 2666mhz or is the diffence hardly worth noticing. Again thanks for all the help
  2. Hi Thanks for the reply yeah i came across that too so would i need a new motherboard as i have the latest version of bios installed from asus but was reading some people use a compatible bios for more features or is that risky lol
  3. Hi all, hopefully someone can help me i have a Rog Strix GL 12 Series pc that had 8gb ram in it running at 2666mhz so i went and bought 2 8gb sticks of corsair vengeance 3200mhz but when i put them in it says i have the 16gb of ram but its running at 2133mhz so i went to bios to enable xmp but it doesnt have that or any features to change the speed am kinda lost now as do i put the 1 8gb stick back in thats running at 2666mhz or keep the 16gb running at 2133mhz. the motherboard is a GL12CM. any help much appreciated :)
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