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  1. I ordered it online at Santech Network Solutions... I ran the self test it said it passed but I dont see toshiba listed anywhere in the bios
  2. Hewlett-Packard Pavilion ze4800 (PF176UA) I bought the same kind that was in it a Toshiba MK3025GAS I ran the test in the Tools under Bios Hard Drive Self Test Its not reading the hard drive though
  3. when I go into bios this is what i see product name notebook model processor type processor speed bios revision language internal hard disk memory F2 delay UMA video Serial # Service ID UUID Mac Address
  4. it is a new hard drive, how do I check to see if it is there???
  5. I have a HP Laptop, I replaced the hard drive due to my last error (dont remember it but its doing more now than it was) only now it wont completely boot up, I ran a Hard Drive Self Test and it passed, I get the following errow when I turn it on: PXE-E61, medai failure, check cables I reset defaults but it still wont boot up, and the only CD I have for it is a Driver Recovery CD, is this a lost cause or is there anything I can do??? Please help I am trying to get this up and running for my daughter to use in college since I cant afford a new one
  6. the system has detected a problem with one or more installed IDE/SATS hard disks....any ideas? My mom brought it to me and said it had a virus I ran a scan and it had a trojan on it...said it cleaned it out...it also stated critical ram space high.....and hard drive critical error....any help would be appreciated.
  7. how would the adaptor work if I can't get the laptop to start up? Also where is the hard drive located? Is it simple to get too?
  8. Also Joe, Do I have to get the exact same one or could I go with this one? TOSHIBA MK3263GSX 320GB 5400 RPM 2.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Internal Notebook Hard Drive -Bare Drive
  9. Thanks Joe, so how hard is it to replace?
  10. I am gonna have to replace the hard drive. How hard is that and where would be the best place to purchase it.....I am low on funds
  11. I ran the cd, it opened up and seemed to boot from it them it did nothing....just had the avira on the screen....it first showed some kind of penguin on a black screen, then it started the avira and then nothing, the screen was so big that I could not read it, plus it was in another language....I am sorry to keep bugging you.....
  12. Ok I think I got it running...its is...whoahoooo....one step down....after this what should I do?
  13. ok so I went into bios and tried to change to boot from cd rom but when I did the screen went black and it said hit F1 to try and reboot, I did and it just kept saying hit F!
  14. Burr, How do I boot from the cd? I tried to run malware in safe mode with networking and it still would not open. I am downloading the cd you recommended to my laptop as we speak and will burn it to a cd, then what do I do? Its been so long since I have worked on a pc my memory is lacking....
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