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  1. Yeah, I looked on that page as well, the "drivers" are either updates that need the original installed, or dos drivers. Sony's "live chat" is down, and I don't want to do anything really drastic to get this thing working. Any other ideas are welcome =/ On a side note, you'd think they would have a frickin IT department.
  2. I think it's a newer computer though, the BIOS should auto recognize it's different, wouldn't you think? Unless it's older then I think it is. Win98 isn't detecting any cd-roms, they say they are having to manually start the installation for it in the Ad new ahrdware section of device manager. When it detects it, it locates the driver, but says it's on the 98 cd-rom. Hmm, I guess I'll tell them to try it that way then, I'll get back to you, Thanks -OwNt -Edit: Spelling
  3. A frined of mine that works at a grocery store has come up with an interesting problem. I guess a nightstock was playing around with it or something, and broke the cd-rom - (I don't know the exact story.) They replaced it, but can't seem to get windows to acknowledge it's presence, they tried installing it manually, but then they need the 98 cd, which they cant use without being able to use it in the first place. I think the easiest option would be to use something like hjsplit to find the driver for that cd-rom (SONY CRX230AE) but searches for a driver keep coming up fruitless. The ones I do find seem to be upgrades for a current one... The sony website says windows 95 and up come with a driver for it, but since the drivers were not installed with 98 and are still on the cd..... Any ideas on how to get them, or another solution? Thanks...
  4. OwNt


    So, I guess I'm not the only one stumped?
  5. OwNt


    When you search for a product, the page comes up, but none of the search results or the test that comes with them, there isn't even a space for them on the page, as I said before, it's like it doesn't load that part. They are permitted, exact same settings on the other username, exact everything, except the problem. Why do I have a funny feeling this isn't going to get solved anytime soon, without extreme measures?
  6. OwNt


    I know that, but since they show up on the one username and not the other, I would definitely say their paid for. Anything you search comes up with no pictures, and what I forgot to say last night, no descriptions to accompany them. It's like the page just skips loading that section, really. All the buttons show up, as does the big ebay logo, but on the bottom middle of the page instead of top-left, is it? Thanks though
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    A friend of mine has an interesting situation, to say the least... On all sites but eBay pics load fine, pics DO load on eBay, but not on search results, that's the only place they don't load. To top it off even, it’s only on one specific username. He has AOHell installed for his isp, And also McAfee Internet suite 2004 or whatever it's called. Here is a list of what I've already tried: Disabling/Uninstalling/Reinstalling Mcafee Uninstalling/Reinstalling AOHell Creating another username, because it only affects the one Running chkdsk, (the OS is XP) A mixture of the above, in several variations. It's SP1, and on a laptop, if it matters. It's the craziest problem I've seen in awhile, He has no spyware or viruses either. ANY advice would be very helpful, the dang thing is driving me nuts. Thanks...
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