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    1 Ghz Athlon<br>30 GB HD<br>768 MB RAM<br>GeForce 400 mx<br>Verizon DSL 1500/ 384 running approx 1300/370<br><br>
  1. I found another site that described the registry fix about negative DNS caching and went through and manually changed the values. No change in the onboard ethernet connectivity though.
  2. Found the option in the bios, it was set to Auto, the only other option is disabled, so I left it. I tried enabling the chip boot rom, but no change. hmm.
  3. Safe mode with networking NIC disable caused internet explorer to go stop responding, which was odd. Also, looking at the status will not work when in normal mode, but shows about 480 packets coming in when in safe mode. Will not go any further than that though. I logged onto the bios and couldn't find anything regarding enable/disable onboard ethernet. So I have downloaded the manual and poke around in that to see if there is a keystroke to unlock advanced options or somesuch. Doesnt look good, because all the normal overclocking(Which I don't do) options were still there. Maybe it will point out something I missed though. I looked at the fix, thought it was a good idea, but when I tried to download it, it took me to a search page. If I knew where to manually add them, I could do it myself. Will look up further after I check out the manual. Also, I got a couple messages about DHCP not working properly. How could I check if it is faulty? I will try to reproduce the error and copy specificly.
  4. auto detect was already checked, so I followed the instructions after that. Result was a DNS error. I do not have a router, however. Modem to Computer only. Also, when rebooting, I noted that my NIC stays lit whether ethernet is plugged in or not, while my onboard does not. Also, when unplugged, my NIC stays at Enabled even though a network cable in unplugged in Network Connections. I will disble the NIC in Network Connections and plug in the onboard and reboot with a modem reset and see what happens.
  5. Yes, it was the only way I could establish any connectivity. When I did a fresh format/install I tried to connect with onboard only but couldnt get it to work.
  6. I poked around verizon's site to see if they had anything like this. They offer the unplug and replug solution so I guess it is not a password problem. Looking through the Verizon Trouble shooter, my onboard connection will not renew. in cmd prompt, I typed ipconfig /release and got onboard already released and nic has just been released. When renew, I got DHCP server unreachable when onboard is plugged in. When I plugged in NIC I got normal results(IP ADDRESS, SUBNET MASK, Default Gateway) Media state for onboard:Cable Disco. Ideas?
  7. If it were a password type modem, how would I try and access that? I unplugged the modem and swapped to the onboard ethernet port, waited a bit, then plugged the modem back in. Iexplorer tried to detect the proxy settings for about 20 seconds or so, then pops up with a DNS error. When I plug the PCI nic in, it will detect the proxy settings in about a second and re-establish connectivity. Also, I am running 2k, so I do not have 'repair network' option for right clicking. I have a second 10/100 nic that will not work as a pci device. Only the 10/T one will have any connectivity. Does this shed any light? Also, Abit is no longer updating their AN8 drivers, so I have the new 7.00 drivers from Nvidia for the nforce4 sli board.
  8. My tech express is: TechExpress link for your current results: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=DVHW0W4ZQ0CSU3JR Everyone here has helped me tremendously before, and I have learned alot from the information I have read in the forums as well as pertaining directly to my problems. I am very grateful. However, I have come up against something that I am not able to figure out and would like to ask for some help. My onboard Ethernet socket will not connect to my Verizon DSL service. I have a 10/T pci card that will give me connectivity, but it is old and I would much rather have my onboard up and running. I have an Abit AN8 SLI board for reference. When I have it plugged in, my westell dsl modem(supplied by verizon) ready light is stable, ethernet blinking, which is apparently normal as that is the same for my 10/T Card as well. I get a DNS error when the onboard is plugged in, but the ethernet connectivity lights blink like normal. I have tried quite a few things, but am very willing to start from square one to get this worked out! Thanks!
  9. No dice. WinMX is still acting up just like kazaa. Just got a warning that c: drive is corrupt and unreadable?! (after restart) running chkdsk
  10. got rid of updmgr.exe new TechXpress just in case http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...FEDLWZPU6USNXLX I just pulled some things from my old HD, hence the 30GB currently listed. Will retry WinMX momentarily
  11. Negative on Kazaalite. I went ahead and uninstalled Kazaa, then ran ad-aware and got rid of everything it found. Ran a second time for good measure with no hits. WinMX is now doing the same thing that Kazaa was. Maybe this is another issue?
  12. Is there any p2p program that is particularly good to use? Thanks for the quick reply.
  13. Tech Express http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...FEDLWZPU6USNXLX Previously I have posted about my system locking up. As it turns out, I believe my Hard Drive was bad. Pulled it and it looked like it had been overheating (plastic was 'crinkling') New HD now and everything seems fine so far. My problem now is that Kazaa will seem to eat up all my Processor. It only happens when kazaa is up. Sometimes when I close Kazaa, the problem resolves and I can reload it. Other times I must reset. a few notes. I have supernode off. I am tending to believe that its the spyware/adware causing the problem, but have not yet found a way around it. I have tried a few programs to help with this problem, but ended up having to reinstall kazaa(and all the ad/spy ware) I have tried to block the adware/spyware that was accessing the internet with Zone Alarm. I have gone through task manager and end process such programs as GAIN, fsg_4104.exe, P2P, etc Any ideas? As always, thanks for your help!
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