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  1. Ummmm.......Ubantu terrified me. With one little click in the wrong place it could have wiped out everything.
  2. Ok, I found the problem. I knew it would be something insanely simple. I updated Firefox in my other computer and suddenly it had the same problem as this one. I went back a year and reinstalled a Firefox version from December 2016 (version 41.02). Now both computers run just fine. I can't believe how easy it was. Thanks again for all the help Nigsy.
  3. Well, that was difficult. Ruined 2 DVDs before I realized the burner on my DVD drive no longer works. I ran the Ubuntu and for MOST things, websites were just as fast as before I started having problems. Email was the only exception. I think it was even slower than it has been. So, internet works great on Ubuntu and crappy on windows. I am going to guess that I can now rule out a hardware problem.
  4. Apparently there is more than one Linux. Since I have zero experience with this I am clueless as to which one to download. Most of them seemed to be downloadable from German mirror sites so I am guessing those ones aren't in English. My German is limited to what I learned watching re-runs of "Combat!" on you tube. Could you post a link for the right one?
  5. Funny thing about changing the DNS. After a reboot it switched back to "obtain DNS server automatically".. One of the quirks of the telephone company's DSL I guess. Back many years ago I had cable instead of DSL and I could change all of that stuff and it would stay there until I changed it back. I did the "flush DNS". All I got was a flash of black screen. I didn't even lose internet connection...was there another step I missed? Wired connection is all I have ever used. Never bothered to buy a wireless card for any of my computers. A couple days ago, I replaced the ethernet cable. I can't seem to find a hardware problem anywhere. Doesn't mean there isn't one, just means I'm not sharp enough to find it. I will go out and get some CDs and try the Linux thing. Never used it before so I may have to come back and ask questions. I really do appreciate you taking the time to keep coming back every night with advice on obsolete operating system that everyone but me abandoned years ago.
  6. After 45 minutes I gave up and rebooted to get rid of the loading screen. The maxthon browser worked after reboot (no settings got transferred). Unfortunately it was even slower than Firefox. I really don't think that the problem is related to the browser. The other computer works fine with firefox. I have ruled out every hardware issue I can think of. Gotta be in the software. This is getting frustrating.
  7. Not sure how well that is working out. I installed it and now have a screen that says "Please wait while your user data is being imported". So far, that screen has been running 25 minutes with no end in sight.
  8. Zeroed out the page file and then put it back. Ran Cleanup to remove temp files (I do that every night). Already have browser set not to save history. The last pitstop test (old style) I ran was on Dec 3 and it showed my hard drive at 89Mb/s Took almost 3 hours to get the test to run long enough to get a report...it REALLY doesn't support XP anymore. The only reason I had the patience to get through it was because I was trying to rule out hardware problems and the pitstop disk speed test was the only one I could make a comparison with. Earlier today I switched out my ethernet cable and switched to an alternate network adapter. The only thing that appeared to help a little was zeroing the page file. Seemed a little better after that, but I'm not really sure if it is actually an improvement or just wishful thinking on my part. As far as running programs, my task manager shows 29. The only optional ones are Diskkeeper,Folder guard and free ramXP. I shut those off a couple months ago to see if they were a problem, but they weren't so I turned them back on. I took a screen shot of task manager. My apologies in advance if it turns out to be either enormous or microscopic. I never bothered with paintshop much.
  9. Hi Nigsy I use Firefox. IE hasn't worked right for years. Runs just as slow in safe mode. The only add on I have is Adblock. A while back I tried disabling it too, but it didn't have any effect. Hi Oftentired Cleared the cache, no help. Windows drive has 43% free space and the other drive has 73%
  10. Windows XP SP3, FX 57 cpu, 3GB ram For the last several months(maybe 6 months,maybe a year, I'm getting old and don't remember so well) I have been having a problem with websites loading extremely slow. Email takes forever to log in and takes forever to open an email. All web browsing is slow and pages sometimes time out. I have run various speed tests and all of them show that my internet speed is just fine. Prior to this I had no problems whatsoever. In December, my internet provider (Windstream) replaced all of the modems in the area and increased the internet speed from 6 mbps to 25 mbps. This made no change whatsoever in the problem. Over the last few months I have scanned with Avast,Malwarebytes,Superantispyware,and numerous online virus and malware scans. None of them show any problems. I even tried Combofix, but it no longer properly supports Win XP(it can't find the repair console for some reason). I searched google for the problem and 90% of the responses indicated a problem with the DNS server. I ran Steve Gibson's DNS scan and tried different DNS servers. No help at all. Today, just for the hell of it, I turned on another Windows XP computer that I don't ever use that is plugged in to the same Router/modem. Websites loaded fast, email was fast....everything was running just like THIS computer used to run a year ago. Based on that observation, I am pretty sure that the problem is in the computer and not the router/modem. Since XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, I really can't do a reinstall of windows because I won't be able to get the security updates. And I don't want to "upgrade" to a newer operating system because I LIKE Xp and don't have the time to learn a new system. Besides, the problem isn't related to Win Xp, it is something specific to this computer. Any idea what is causing this problem?
  11. Win XP SP 3, IE 7, flash player as updated as its ever going to get on an obsolete system.......Yeah, I am old and don't like to change Every time I try to run Overdrive it loads up the white overdrive screen ....and then does nothing. If I try the old style tests, after 10 or 12 attempts I can get a test to complete (except for internet). I am guessing that Overdrive no longer supports Win XP?
  12. I'm running it now....last updates were a year ago when the internet stopped working. I can't remember how to post this as solved..Can you do that for me? Again, thanks for spending your weekend helping.
  13. I burned the image from the link you gave me. The owner of the computer got it from his mother and she did not have any of the software that came with it. The sfc /scannow ran and when it ended i got this: "Resource protection did not find any integrity violations" Must have missed your post about the mcafee tool...........just ran it and the THE INTERNET IS CONNECTED!!!! I must have missed something when I was deleting everything. Kind of embarassing that I never thought to look for a Mcafee removal tool right from the start. Hmmmm..........IE will go to the home page and I can get a search list to pop up, but nothing after that. Google chrome works now........Thats good enough for me. The guy just wanted internet so I think he will be pleased even though IE doesnt work. Thanks for all of your help. It was darned nice of you to sit around for 2 days taking me through this step by step. Been a long time since I worked on computers. I forgot a lot more than I thought I did.
  14. Took hours to download the image. This is what I got: "Resource protection did not find any integrity violations" Still no internet
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