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  1. Speaking of smoke and mirrors....do a little research and find out who actually pressured the banks to make the high risk loans.......Hint...Its not who you WANT to blame
  2. more scary than sad.......and its definately true
  3. If you aren't buying it for games, the 6200 would be ok..........I dont think you need to worry about the power supply......most of the time they overestimate what is necessary. Older name brand computers came with pretty durable power supplys too. My daughter has one older than yours and it still has the original 250 watt PSU......I put a Nvidia Ti4200 in it and it has run fine for years.......and the Ti4200 is a hotter card than the 6200 and has a fan.
  4. You wont like the card..........trust me it is anemic......I put one in a cheap system I built and It was pathetic..and I was only using older games on it. On Nvidia based cards, the second number is what is important. "2" is bad. "6" is ok.....Unfortunately, they don't make the 6600GT anymore.....Too bad cuz its a great card.........They do make the 7600 in AGP still.I would go with it instead.......you will HATE the 6200. This HAS to be better: http://www.compuvest.com/Desc.jsp;jsession...q_f6?iid=930111 PS......ref XFX.......something happened to their customer support in november..........it used to be fantastic, but suddenly in november they stopped replying to support tickets.........dont know why.
  5. ConvertXtoDVD works great.........yeah, thats the actual name..........I would advise against DVD santa though.......read some really bad stuff about it
  6. It will work fine, but both will run at the lower speed
  7. Well, tried it...ran anything that looked remotely related to IE and most of the other stuff too...no dice It was worth a try though.....thanks
  8. Hmmmmmm........nothing different running in the background now that wasn't running back when it worked fine. The only application that i have set to run on start up is my antivirus. Everything else I have shut off...I use the feature in Spybot S&D to do this, mostly because it is easier than services.msc or msconfig. I usually run msn and yahoo messenger, but I have the problem even if they are both off. This is just plain strange, because sometimes when I go to task manager, there are as many as 6 or 8 entries for iexplore.exe running when I dont even have it on. I also know that it isnt my ISP causing it because I have 3 other computers running from the same router and they all work fine with IE.
  9. Tried everything else, so I might as well give that a shot too....thanks for the tip
  10. For the past few weeks I have been having a problem with internet explorer 6....Here is whats been happening: Sometimes when I click on IE shortcut, I get the little hourglass for a few seconds, then nothing. I can click on it repeatedly, and nothing happens...but.....when I go to task manager in the 'processes' tab iexplore.exe shows up. If i clicked it numerous times, it shows up numerous times. Usually, if I click 'end process' on all of them, then I can click on the IE shortcut again and it comes up. Very strange. Sometimes, IE comes up the first time I click it. This happens with other internet stuff too. Frequently when I click on the 'mail' icon on MSN messenger, or on my Yahoo mail shortcut, nothing happens........then if I click on the IE shortcut, both windows will open. I ran my antivirus and all my spyware programs and even reinstalled IE6, but the problem is still there. Any ideas, other than switching to IE7 or another browser?
  11. Hmmmmmm......if it did that when you rebooted, I would say that your motherboard battery is dead and the bios are going back to default every time.........but every time you change programs? Not real sure about that.
  12. Both motherboards have to have the same chipset for it to work.......and even then it might not
  13. Hey everybody, thanks for the help Caintry_boy, you are right......Yahoo is a pain........it was even giving me the "Yahoo page not found" screen when I was trying to pull up my YAHOO mail....it even hijacks its OWN websites. Stormy13, thanks for the link to the old version of google...I installed it after getting rid of the Yahoo toolbar and it seems to be working fine! Kd5, I took your warning about updates and went into the Google program file and deleted the updater...Hope that works..........I did that with Yahoo messenger 7 a long time ago and now I don't get bothered by the constant reminders to update to the version with the advertisements in it.
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