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  1. didnt work. . . comes up with the same error, whats the deal? i think im going to just buy a new startup disk. unless you guys can think of somthing. thanks
  2. Ok, i'll try this (hope ot works.) again, thanks for your time Intelguy!
  3. Ok, not a problem. Thanks for you help.
  4. I dont mean to sound compleatly stupid (the jusy is still out on that question.) but i dont see any XP boot disk. i can only find boot disks for 95/98 and ME. could you be more specific?
  5. Ok, i cannot get this to work. . . ive tried 2 things and niether of them worked: (1) I went to command prompt and formated the floppy and then typed "xcopy c:\boot.ini a: /h xcopy c:\ntdetect.com a: /h xcopy c:\ntldr a: /h" then i closed window, put the floppy in my other PC but insted of working it says "Reboot and select proper boot divice or insert boot media in selected boot divice and press any key." why is it telling me this? (2) Then I downloaded the "MS Windows XP System setup disk" at the bottom of this web page http://freepctech.com/pc/002/files010.shtml and put it onto anoth
  6. Can some one tell me how to make an XP bootdisk CD? or where to download one. preferably free.
  7. Thank You Intelguy. If you mean my birth day your right! WOOT, 29 more days and this gamer will be one level higher. . err, i mean one year older. heh heh. Thanks a bunch all!
  8. Oops my bad, didnt reformat yet. sorry. ill just go and do that .
  9. semi-WOOT! i disabled the Promise 20378, and it got rid of the whole "/no BIOS" thing, but it still says NTDLR is missing! What is NTLDR anyway? any idea on how to rid me of my plight?
  10. I'll try and figure it out on my own, but if some one could tell me how to disable the FastTrack i would be greatful. chances are I'LL end up blowing up my computer. . .
  11. Ok, thanks, Intelguy, i'll try what you mentioned. it sounds promising. thanks for your time every one! i'll post if this works. Thanks again!
  12. Ok, ill try Fomating. but how do i get to command promt if my dog ate my boot disk? and im not joking, my dog acctually ATE my boot disk!
  13. I didnt think i needed to, the Motherboard and hard-drive are brand new, i bought them both yesterday. should i still format? and is there any other way to get to command promt without a boot disk?
  14. Good morning. I just bought a new motherboard (P4P800-e Delux) a new RAM stick, a new hard-drive (western digital, 120G) and a new Vid card (radeon 9200) when i start up it says "Scanning IDE drives. . . . No drives atached to FastTrack controller. BIOS is not installed." What does this mean and what do i have to do to fix it? and after i get passed that screen it goes to another screen that reads as follows "NTLDR is missing. Press ctrl+alt+del to restart. what am i to do? how do i fix this? Thanks in advance! Fain.
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