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  1. *Checking to see how much credit I have on my cards!* Hehe!!!
  2. You're an honorable man, Hammer. Would never want to do battle with the Death Dealer!
  3. NOT A PROBLEM, Hammer! No one can keep up with EVERYTHING!!!
  4. Silly, I'll send you a little bit bigger one if you want to PM where to. Anyone can use any of these, they're copyrighted, but I have NO problem with personal use. Thanks for one of the best compliments possible, BTW!!!
  5. Hammer, I think the world of you, but I don't think any of these exceed the limits--I resized them just for that purpose.
  6. I've used Nikons a lot, but prefer Canon--they're just as good and a *little* cheaper. Now, Hasselblad--that's the cream of the crop. Never worked with any of 'em, I'm sorry to say.
  7. Oops! Sorry, Hammer, I was busy posting. In all honesty, and personally, I can't stand clicking on links. Sorry.
  8. And this one, believe it or not (it was just a casual shot on a nice, sunny afternoon drive) has won me a few awards on the 'net: Harley Motor
  9. I call these "snapshots" cause they're not anywhere near my best work--that's on 35mm slides (which I haven't scanned). Please remember these were compressed and nowhere near the original quality. But I hope some of you will enjoy them: Waterwheel
  10. http://pcpitstop.ibforums.com/index.php?ac...11&t=8583&st=60
  11. Yeah, I know some people who feel that way about the pop and hiss, too. But, unfortunately, I'm a perfectionist. And while some would argue that I can't enjoy music without dissecting it and super-analyzing it, I find that pleasurable in and of itself. To each their own, eh? Plus, you can burn any LP to CD now.
  12. WOOP! WOOP! Kylie's in the house. Ok, boys, on your best behavior. Anyone need to go pimp, now's the time!!! EDIT!!!: MAJOR FAUX PAS!!! I meant "PRIMP" NOT PIMP!!!!
  13. Thanks, Y! And that's good, Jander--definitely "brand" it!
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