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  1. *Checking to see how much credit I have on my cards!* Hehe!!!
  2. You're an honorable man, Hammer. Would never want to do battle with the Death Dealer!
  3. NOT A PROBLEM, Hammer! No one can keep up with EVERYTHING!!!
  4. Silly, I'll send you a little bit bigger one if you want to PM where to. Anyone can use any of these, they're copyrighted, but I have NO problem with personal use. Thanks for one of the best compliments possible, BTW!!!
  5. Hammer, I think the world of you, but I don't think any of these exceed the limits--I resized them just for that purpose.
  6. I've used Nikons a lot, but prefer Canon--they're just as good and a *little* cheaper. Now, Hasselblad--that's the cream of the crop. Never worked with any of 'em, I'm sorry to say.
  7. Oops! Sorry, Hammer, I was busy posting. In all honesty, and personally, I can't stand clicking on links. Sorry.
  8. And this one, believe it or not (it was just a casual shot on a nice, sunny afternoon drive) has won me a few awards on the 'net: Harley Motor
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