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  1. It is a little annoying,mostly because it is new. But it has a lot of good things in it. It is worth the download, ( in my opinion. )
  2. In the bottom of the sink,or in the fridge.
  3. You cut their tongue OUT !! Then all is ok.
  4. Great post !!!!! Why should it make an athiest mad if they don`t believe GOD exsists ? I don`t believe in atheists either ,but you can use their name anywhere any time. There will be NO atheists in heaven or HELL !!! hehe
  5. Tracy are we being sarcastic today ??
  6. Yeh,you need 15% to even defragg right. But if you do this and still have trouble then ,go to bios and set bios to failsafe or default settings. Then try it . Sometimes when we set aggressive settings in bios it does not work very well. You may also need to clean out old drivers a reinstall again. Most people don`t like to do a clean install. but I have foud that when changing mobo`s cpu`s, and a few other things that a clean install does wonders.
  7. ( china's development pace is amazing, for 50 yr of time(actually 20, count when china first opened their gate to the world), china gone from none to what it is today. it will become another superpower comparable to us in 50 years or less if it follow the right direction. ) Maybe in the next 5 years !
  8. I know what you mean. Stereotype. But if it would work I would be all for it . At least you are funny.
  9. Now I can`t put words in your mouth . And neither have I tried to do so sir. I was talking about all those Republicans that have turned this country into a sex haven for the rest of the world to see. And have torn this country apart by voting for the things they believe in . Republicans ,not you sir. Republicans. I am so sorry if you took my post personal. I am sure you did`nt say anything personal about anyone in your post ? So please take my appology sir. If you would like me to keep my thoughts about Repubilicans too myself I will ??
  10. We need to do as the Country said ,just give up and let the rest of the world tell us what to do ,fund all their ideas and keep them all fed. If we happen to run out of money or ever need help I am sure this Country will come up with a liberal to fix every thing for us,maybe Kerry or Hillary . They would know just what to do . Example 1 = Tell big lies on some other country and get the weight off our back. Example 2 = We could all go to a XXX rated movie and forget that the real world exists. Example 3 = When the ( EU ) comes into full power, we could just blame it on all the former Republicans. Like Bay of Pigs, Vietnam, or maybe we could say welfare was the real culprit. All the problems we have ever had in this country we live in is all the Republicans fault ! Every Democrat we have ever had in office has been GREAT for the country and economy !!!!! Saddam was born a Republican, so was Iatollahh , Gingas Cohn, Stalin, Hitler, they all are Republicans !!!! We need to get together and get rid of Bush like we did all those others named above. If you are a Republican ,you need to be hung up by your toes for 3 or 4 days a electricty put too your privates like the Republican in Iraq did before he was ousted. If we leave Bush in office he will do like Stalin another Republican did and kill 52 million of his own people. He took our jobs and caused Enron to lie on their taxs, he got with oh yeah that other Republican Osama Bin Laden and had him attack our twin towers,like they did before while another Republican was in office ! Then he had The Talaban take over Afgahnnastan as soon as he got in office so we could attack them also. We need to do as this country and a few others that have made posts on this thread,and put a towel on our heads and go to the white house and oust all the Republicans off the hill put all Democrats in office and get the country doing great again.
  11. You know come to think of it my brothers and even my older sisters did also. Even some of the neighbors. I must have been hard headed ?? Have a good day my friends .
  12. Me mum alway`s said ( I`ll woop your butt if you don`t do as I say ) As a matter of fact so did my dad ,and most of my teachers. hehe
  13. I must say that this forum is not like most I have been on. At least people here will try to give some evidence as to what they believe. Even though I may not agree with some of the belief`s and statements made here,I must say it has been very informative . I have learned from this very thread,and hope that all depart with dignity including myself. A good debate is holsome for all that read and post with the intent to learn something and not just to teach others. Thanks for letting me be a part of your debate. Moon I must say you seem to be a very learned person,as to say the same of Zion . So thanks again . Good luck
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