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    Intel Core i7-2600K---> Vapor Phase Cooled 3 X EVGA 480 GTX SC watercooled--> VID-NX480 blocks, HWLabs GTX 480, Liang D5 Vario Lian Li PC-75 Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD7-B3 MB SILVERSTONE ST1500 1500W PSU 16G CORSAIR DOMINATOR-GT (4 x 4GB) PC3 12800 SILVERSTONE ST1500 1500W PSU 2 X Kingston HyperX SH100S3B/120G SATA 3 1 X WD Caviar Black 1TB Dell 3007 WFP-HC Z-5500's Windows 7 64bit
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  1. I originally set up my 120 G Vertex drive with a 20G partition just for cache for my 1TB WD Black. It scored almost 2X better reads and writes in benchmarks but I didn't see much use for it because I switched between so many programs on a daily basis that I wasn't getting it's full benefit. If you only used 1 or 2 programs and those programs always remained in cache it would be great but that's not how a typical user uses his computer. Well maybe they do and I am just the odd ball :-) I moved my Vertex to my laptop now and just run my 2 Kingston drives in RAID 0 for the OS and all my c
  2. Thanks.. Yeah I though wow it's been a while since I stopped over to the PC Pitstop. I should stop over and see how the old boys are
  3. I love MX-2 but the last tube of MX-3 I bought concerned me a little as it was really watery. It applied easier than any TIM I had ever used before. I was pretty worried but the temps on my graphics cards are amazing so it must be working properly. I idle at 31-32C and full load after looping Vantage for an hour only reaches 45C on Card 1!!!
  4. Yeah I have not used an ATI based card since the 9700 Pro so I am out of the loop when it comes to the issues they are having. I definitely would look into it before I dropped the cash for 2 Dual GPU cards though. I just have a feeling that the GF100 will come out on top. I mean it took ATI for ever to catch up to Nvidia. Now that Nvidia has really done nothing since the ATI's 4000 series hit the market and has since released the 5000 series and still nothing from Nvidia? I think it's probably time for Nvidia to fight back and I think that's where this new GF100 is going to come in.
  5. Well if the 480GTX is faster than the 5870 then I would think when the dual GPU 485 or whatever they call it comes out it will end up being the fastest card on the market. I could care less weather it be ATI or Nvidia I just want the fastest 2 cards I can buy. I just bought a bunch of new parts in preparation for the new 485's or 5970's whichever end up being better. I wanted to make sure supplying the power wasn't an issue so I went with this 1500 watt monster. The i7-930 will just be something to play with until I can get my hands on the i7-980X. I will keep my 280's until then. Not like I
  6. Just get a 2 dollar relay from your local automotive store like has been suggested then wire it into the main PSU off one of the molex connectors. From there hook into the green and black wire on the second PSU.
  7. I highly recommend this stuff from Radio Shack. It is a precision electronics cleaner that is safe to apply to any and all electronic equipment. It has a brush on one end to scrub off tough TIM's. I have been using it for several years as I always pack my CPU socket with dielectric grease to help prevent condensation caused by Phase Change. It cleans the dielectric grease out of the socket with ease. I also have used it to remove every TIM know to man. It is only available in the stores at Radio Shack and not sold online that is the only bad thing. Link: Radio Shack Precision Electro
  8. LOL... it all depends on the situation. I really don't mind just watching though
  9. Yeah right now there is only a beta driver for the Tri-SLI using the 9800 GTX's. Hopefully with a mature driver set it will scale better.
  10. I suggest you do some research here at Xtremesystems as mentioned. Build your own setup don't buy a pre made loop as most are junk.
  11. This is why I ask because those are outstanding temps!!!!!!!! My unit is about 5 years old so I am sure it was in need of a tune up and regas but damn it never went that low not even new. I think the best temp I ever saw on it was like -53C. My QX6700 at 3.8GHZ kept my Vapo at about -35C Hopefully after Jin at Vapoli gets done with it I should be at around -70C or so depending on the OC Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never even put the QX9650 on the Vapo. As soon as I bought the chip I sent my Vapo out the next day so that I to can join the 5GHZ club
  12. It looks to me like the new 9800GTX's are just pretty much the 8800GTS G92 card just revamped a bit? Benches look similar as well. I really wish that they would have offered more Video memory as well on the newer 9X series cards for us people with High Res monitors. I think I will be staying with my 8800GTX's for a while yet.
  13. I_G have you or someone else modded your Vapochill? I just sent mine out to Jin at Vapoli to get it all tricked out
  14. Yeah I guess your right since all the information is coming through the one PCI-E and there has to be no routing back and fourth between the chipset. Sorry I meant to post this in the other 8800 thread about the hacked intel chipset drivers oops my bad
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