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  1. There is 58.32 GB unlocated. How can i combine it with my current C drive? or How can partition it as another drive , so I don't waste that 60GB.
  2. I went to www.abit.com.tw and downloaded all the drivers that available to the motherboard. I did not disable any usb. I don't want to go the hassle of formatting the hard drive one more time. As I understand I only get to activate window xp two more times. Damn Microsoft. Forget the other 60gb. How to overclock cpu and video card? I hear about overclock all the time.
  3. after looking at my test score and in detail description. Any suggestions how I can change the setting in my computer?
  4. here is the link to the test: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=3KDP9WJ7EGRSG6H7
  5. I am new to build new computer but I manage to get it done. I have a 200 GB Western Digital installed but window only recognize 127 GB. I did update to service pack 2. Any ideas what wrong with the hard drive or what I did wrong? ---------------
  6. it did not work. When I install again, it give same error message " system cannot find specified file"
  7. I don't have any ideas why, too. Neither 4 Belkin's tech support that I talked to. Everything else works fine except for Belkin's software. I guess no one has any ideas. Beside buy a new wireless card from different manufaturer.
  8. Hello: I try to insall software for my Belkin Wireless PCMCIA card on my window XP home edition. I used software came with the Card and downloaded from their website. I get two different error messages "system cannot find specified file" and "system cannot find INF or TNF file". I don't remember INF or TNF but just one. I called Belkin and talked to 4 different tech support personels. Basicly they told me to uninstalled and reinstalled and reboot system. One of the techs told me to update window critical files. I did what he told me too. I still get same error messages. I had no problem inst
  9. I understand that cpu lower it mhz to save power but it's not running on battery now. Mobile Pentium 3 1.GHz / 700 MHz. (700 MHz is when it's running on battery). Boot Post : minimal
  10. I am sorry. I am not sure what is fsb.
  11. Hello; I bought a dell inspiration labtop P3 1Mhz but now my system shows it's running at 701Mhz. The warranty just ran out. Does anyone knows why? Is it the setting in BIOS? I never go into BIOS to reset anything.
  12. I need to save an image from a website but when do "right click & save as" it doesn't let me. I meant there is no option for "save as". Are there any other ways to save the image?
  13. Hello: are there other email softwares similar to microsoft outlook? either shareware or pay version.
  14. I think Verizon lost to the RIAA. Pacific Bell/SBC is suing RIAA in California now. Hopefully it wins like MIT and Boston College
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