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  1. Probably all that is happening is that the second drive is attempting to boot it's own MBR sector for the other OS and being over ridden- Typically I would think that WinXP would have something to handle multiple OS installs, but who knows what the other tech did.
  2. Try turning the physical monitor settings down- looks like you have the contrast up very very high--- If that doesn't work, you may have your gamma setting maxed out.
  3. Agreed- there aren't any cases I can think of where there should be a secondary master HDD... The person that installed the second drive for you that way needs to create a boot floppy or you can set you bios to give you a boot option between the two Windos OS's. In either case your machine seems to have a hardware conflict, though the fact that it seems to have worked up to this point (??) is odd.
  4. system restore is not at all bad to use- just dont assumen that if it brings everything back 'as it was' that you free to repeat the steps- do a defrag, then open the command console and type "chkskd.exe". You can add <space>/? to see a list of arguments to add to the command. If the check finds a few errors it may be good to use the scan and fix option- switches: /r, or /x. Once you are relatively certain the disk is error free try the uninstall process again (you are doing this through the software uninstall?).
  5. Could also be a number of issues with the secondary itself such as incorrect or missing pin settings (On the back of the drive what looks like a connector for a wire with a little bracket on two of them)- there should be a diagram showig 'Master' 'Slave' Or 'Cable Select'. Make sure it's one of the latter settings. Is this a new occurence or has this happened since you had it? Does it fail immediately upon widows booting? Can you boot into safe mode and access it?
  6. Yep... the popularity contest never goes away.
  7. it is usefull to use ctrl+alt+PrintScreen (above your 'insert' key) and then paste it into your post to show us what happens.
  8. Oh... if you knew me it would be pretty clear there isn't anything borderline about it- just pure disorder But I like each of you in your own unique ways...
  9. Aww geez is this where we get all lovey dovey and have the group hug and fawn all over eachother? Let me take care of my physical illness at the thought and then I'll join ya in that notion! I have a psychological inability to respond appropriately to positive emotional sentiments, but I do enjoy engaging in intellectual combat with many of you of diverse philosphical/moral/spiritual leanings.
  10. I'm all for a period US retraction from world politics- we got enough problems sneaking in under the radar here at home that warrent serious attention.... Guess it's easier to remove the mote from our 'brothers' eyes then the sties from our own.
  11. As I have mentioned before- it will be "interesting" to see how this one plays out.
  12. I don't think soft so much as on common ground in principle... I think generally everyone agrees that what the Palestinians and Irealis are doing too eachother is bad... understandable and even in a bizarre perspective justifieable, but still bad. OTOH, I think that there is still plenty of room for contention over who needs to recieve a share of the blame. Drover is just suggesting a big raft trip so we can eventually push eachother over the gunwales and laugh.
  13. Well, as long as we limit the topic of conversation to Politico/Economic debate, and not Socio-Moralistic stances I think we are all good to go. I like the idea of River Rafting though.
  14. Iain are you okay?! You are making points that I find are remarkably agreeable....
  15. Yes- point conceded, however it stands that the relationship with Isreal is still more stable from a strategic point of view than with any existing Arab nation. There are some that bear consideration (UAE, Qatar as examples) because of their willingness to participate in the world community cooperatively and peacefully. IIRC Palestine was a judgement error made by old Lawrence who reasoned that making promises of territory to a couple of previously feuding royal cousins to buy a short term military alliance wasn't a bad idea as it would be likely that one or more would be eliminated
  16. I couldn't argue that point in anyway, and would even concede that it appears the each time a Palastinean youth gets out of hand and throws rocks and bottles at Isreali tanks (not exactly a bright idea but...) they usually end up paying for it in blood. The only problem with this argument is that this is a relatively recent conflict, and that this corner of the world has been at odds with America since it's inception so it is relatively logical that we would back a relatively stable ally we went to the trouble of installing... Even without US backing of Isreal or any other western meddlin
  17. I would not have a problem voting for a qualified woman, nor anyone else that would sully the line of WASPs in the presidential museums, however to me the issue of "qualified" is far more important then gender or race. As to Hillary herself: I would vote for Attila the Hun
  18. In the last 3 year or so: I have learned to consider keyboards and mice as consumable resources. 2x Optical Mice, 7-8x 'Regualr' mice 4x Keyboards Don't think I have ever killed anything serious though- PSU wore out due to normal aging and wear. My case looks sorta ugly, but it is functional.
  19. "An enemy will test your strengths, a friend will cater to your weakness..." Don't confuse an enemy for a cancer. It disgusts me when everyone gets all lovey dovey and gets on a common intellectual path. If you can't take getting your feelings hurt with heated debate stay off the information superhighway- your just a speed bump. I'd hate to loose this place, but I've left other relatively intellectual forums for "family" breakups... I wonder whats going on over at the DAF anyway...
  20. Digging this one back up.... The Vermont Judge facing pressure from the public resentanced the offender to no less than 6 but not more then 10 years... this is still deplorable, but at least the slimeball is caged.
  21. You will have to hit that F1 key everytime you startup and you may notice other wierd glitches that get you worried.
  22. Quick thought.... That IDE cable has two plugs on it, reverse the order in which you had them connected to the drives- I rember this being a similar issue for my own setup... The cables do influence the determination of drive order.
  23. Rhizome's statement has already been quoted a couple of times; I shall forego that, and direct this comment to the final paragraph of it: The only problem with levying accountability of the system input on the general populace is that opinion and conviction among the people has become very dilute as the diversity of the population has increased. The argument that America was founded on Christian values is not an excuse to enforce state religion, but does effectively explain the cohesion present in the society that allowed it such dynamic growth and adaptiveness to new situations. A
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