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  1. The problem with this issue (both sides of it) are the same as with the Global Warming issue in the political forum- and perhaps this is a candidate for that section. There is quite a bit of evidence that is empirical demonstrating that Marijuana is bad or potentially so... unfortunately alot of that evidence and research has been marred by biased and politicized science. Where is the 'junk' science in this? I could not and would not qualify myself too say as I am a layman in pharmacological issues.... I am also not as passionately concerned about it. I do recal however from some ver
  2. The health affects of recreational use aside, there are far more reasons to decriminalize the substance than keep it in the WAD. For a side by side comparisson the negative impacts are arguably equal to alcohol and niccotine products healthwise, and socially they are possiblly less so. From a best health intrests view no recreational substances should be allowed; from social engineering point of view it is ineffective and perhaps more detrimental to try and regulate this behavior through harsh criminal penalties.
  3. Don't listen to the PDA haters- Nonsense. PDA was the best college tool I ever had. Don't go with Palm or Linux for the PDA OS either- unfortunately I must say that Linux is still not widely enough used to make the syncronization easy too do. HP iPAQ are still the best PDAs around. You can get the 1900 series for around $150-$200, and a Keyboard for under $50... you will take notes just fine. The Word, and Excel applications are a bit truncated sure, but as long as you are not using as the only document device you will be fine... On that note- the question that must be asked is: A
  4. The number of background programs is an additional issue. You have quite a few other programs listed as optional apps. All of these may be inactive, but even if you are not using them, or have 'closed' the program they may still be present in the memory environment (windows trying to be helpful by keeping them in a 'ready to go' state in case you want to switch over). I notice in particular that you seem to use about 3 messenger programs. I have found that I like Trillian which replaces ICQ, Yahoo, AOL Instant Messenger, and MSN Messenger. It is free and works fine even at a basically func
  5. The first anti-marijuana laws were enacted on that basis, not the moral anti-drug stance it is today... because no one much cared either way, and because a social aversion too it developed; propaganda about "The Devil's Weed" started to get play and the whole argument over it's social impact started to overshadow the original reason for banning it.
  6. You mean Duke Nuke 'Em isn't allowed anymore because it's more than 5 years old?
  7. I'm sorry for your loss- We're always here for you.
  8. His account was active 3 or 4 days ago, and I thought I saw some posts in U2U.
  9. Yep... 'cept it's Japanese of course.... http://www.autoweb.com/content/research/de...6Baja-Turbo.htm Although in truth I don't believe the Japanese ever produced that model domestically, and it was only sold in limited numbers here.
  10. Ah... mine ain't a really big one, but then it will do about a buck twenty on the freeway without breaking a sweat, seats 4 in comfort, tows a ton+, and gets decent milage for all of that... can turn on a dime considering the size.
  11. Nope... that thing bounce pretty good- they were showing some of the impact tests of "Discoveries This Week" a couple months back, and they had live passengers riding the test vehicles into barriers at 15 to 20 MPH... no passenger compartment intrusion, and in empty tests they were still deemed survivable at speeds upwards of 40 MPH. Visibility is still and issue however, and one of the reasons that such a vehicle would not make it here is that unless it fell into a special vehicle class, it's size is under limits. As for multiplied impact speeds I would think that the degradation would b
  12. That smart is very surviviable from the crash and impact tests I have seen--- still wouldn't suit us lazy american fools though. We do stuff like haul entire youth sport teams, drive longer distances and impress girls with big loud motors and oversized off-road vehicles which never leave the road. What is interesting about the hybrids- the larger SUV's actually do benefit from the technology, but the smaller sedan sized vehicles are virtually identical to a properly tuned modern gasoline motor.
  13. Aww sweetie, come on now- you need to learn some judgment about what you post here, thats all. We've all *broken* stuff... I've had to replace a couple keyboards myself.
  14. Seems like average credit is more heavilly weighted than total production.
  15. I have recently faced the same problem with XP and USB 2 drivers.... as in not even SP1 is reliable for it. SP1a may work as Web Police has provided, I was not able to find any source other than Microsoft Update center offering it however. SP2 is a necessary evil it seems- I tried running without it for about 3 months before I gave up and just learned how to cut the unecessary services... USB2 runs trouble free now.
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