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  1. Okay- back on in the new location; well, not quite... but good enough for strategic nuclear bombing
  2. Cool found you Random; CPU you Realtime, Hourly, or Daily?
  3. Very true. Disagree: Not that women don't have feelings and needs- but in the US vs. THEM item women do think and act very differently than men do... not a hard fast rule but generally accurate. A man will not generally consort with his friends and ask if they think his woman is 'quality'. If she is attractive then that's good enough- if she has personality traits that are positive and endearing then it's a bonuse. Ugly girls have a difficult time getting all but a certain margin of men- those with low/no self esteem, and those that are so obsessed with intercourse as to forego all
  4. I think from readin your previous posts that Stronghold is the only game you have issues with? There are also possibilities that the software itself is faulty for the hardware. I have some older games that worked fine on older itterations of my system- after upgrading a piece or two they no longer worked or worked unreliably. Many games (unfortunately) use proprietary rendering drivers that are not well written for anything but a particular hardware/software config and will fault out or fail to start at all... sucks but thats how it goes. If you are a box freak like me you can have t
  5. Well, It's a bit like this- there are alot of nice girls out there, but if you aren't meeting them and you keep finding the same sort of heartbreaker the problem is YOU... least that's my experience with em. There's plenty of nice girls I've met, and I just don't like 'em... at least not in the sense that I would want too date them. You've got alot of time ahead of you O'Sal... don't hold it against em, just have fun with em while they're there and be careful Sluts and Psychos each have their own type of risk factor to consider.
  6. Addictive no? Is your play name lordsalo, or empire name? Seems to make a difference... I hail from Boogaria & BoogariaRT (daily tick and real-time respectively)
  7. Unification Wars Anyone play this? It's a cool online space empire sim along the lines of Master Of Orion, or Star Wars. I'm on as Lordboogar.
  8. Quick thought- Have you disabled the onboard graphics processor in your BIOS setting? I read through but didn't see that suggested... had a similar problem with my machine (running a 6800 GT OC). My dream is too get the new board Intel has out with NO integrated sound/video systems and a kickass dual core/dual channel processor- it will be a few months though.
  9. Diamond Jim's cabaret is much better and the food is nearly as good.
  10. Agreed with Tracy here- once you have been through it once or twice you learn. At this point you should concentrate on having a good time; have fun with others get some thicker skin- the next one will be much better. And yes- stop being a drama queen about it.
  11. Thats a take on it I have never really figured out Jacee... since I cannot readilly empathise with the female perspective I will have to take it honestly. I guess that something uncomfortable like that is a bit difficult to deal with... but it goes back too the whole deal of honesty. If you have been less than honest with yourself let alone the other then you have alot to run from. I guess that's one thing I've never had much of a problem with, and consequently have no guilt for my actions. O- Good news is that you will get more chances- Caintry Boy says good stuff. Pack on to g
  12. Her side of the story? Let's see, I've been on the other side of that dance and also the neutral party more than a few times.... Goes like this: "I'm sorry but I just don't feel the same about you anymore (You are a looser), and I think that we should see other people (I'm bored with you/guy #2 is really neat and he flirts with me). I think we should be friends though (can I call you when I need a ride late at night, or if I need to at someone?)" Sorry Tracy, but she dropped him, not vice versa. If it were the other way around then there might be a different tone. Girls get hur
  13. In addition to the previous link, the following guy gives the same thing in a more methodical and less funny form: David D. I haven't been in the 4 year thing, so I can't empathize with your feelings on this, but I have been in a similar position of being heartbroken by girls I thought the world of. Honestly- No matter what a women will tell you; nice guys do finish last in the dating game.
  14. Um... there's not a lot of encouragement that I (or any other honest guy) can really give you on this. At about the time they leave home until around 25 or so, girls turn into wild things that are out to get as much life experience as they can- they are emotional, fickle, and unstable- those are their more pleasant qualities. Mid to late twenties they start too mellow out and become worth while for LTRs- of course then you have to becareful that you aren't just falling for the biological clock monster, end up with a girl you didn't really have much in common with except for mutual attracti
  15. You do have admin rights, or are sure you are selecting to change your settings as you close the registry editor?
  16. Drovers Dog... no matter what you say or do I will always love too see your posting style. And furthermore; I am still convinced that you are Zest from the DAF boards!
  17. I'm talking about installing a second browser or did I read you wrong? It's usually better to try and solve the problem with what is at hand rather than making a work around, especially if you end up with the same problem on #2.
  18. Actually, I would first look at the net-security features before going thorugh the trouble of checking alternate browsers... also, you did do the Defrag after setting up right? just too cover the basics.... Can you give us a screenie of what you are talking about?
  19. If you can post a test so we can see your stats we can get an idea of where that might be too. Another issue I have run into is the number of processes that are running. If the processor is being utilized 100% all the time it will heat up more than normal. Your games use upto 100% but typically do so in spikes- if you have hidden apps or some sort of malware this can push it to run 100% all the time.
  20. You won't like editing the Power Point on the PDA, the Excel that comes with any that I have seen doesn't graph.... it's the trade off, but easy enough too work around, especially if you have a computer lab that has either- installed sync software, or SD card readers. The format is compressed for use on the PDA, but slip the file into a school based desktop workstation, fire up regular sized Power Point, or Excel and you can edit away to your heart's content. Although I wouldn't concur with your decision to go with a Palm for the simple fact that it's not a seamless interface with Window
  21. Doc, I guess you could say the same thing about the repeal of prohibition, but as we found out allowing people to drink was the lesser of the evils.
  22. Let off the hook- no certainly not. It just seems that there is a double standard between someone who chooses to recreate chemically and gets thrown in jail vs. someone who gets away with corruption and then is let off with what amounts to a slap on the wrist. The health issues aside, there really is not a compelling reason for the drug to remain illegal, and although local constituencies are pushing for civic decriminalization the Feds keep quashing it.... BOO Feds!
  23. Paul: Lets not make this an ugly little argument about legal and "moral" issues of being a marijuana smoker. Legal rights are sort of the central argument here- the preponderance of evidence seems too support the legalization of the substance when comparing it to other legal substances such as cigarettes and alcohol. The money that goes to criminal organizations is a drop in the bucket compared to that which is lost to executive fraud in the corporate and political lobbyist field. Let's do some moral comparison there. Saying that buying some weed from your dealer is suppor
  24. What kind of school work are you actually going to do AT SCHOOL? The most our classes ever required was taking notes- any papers that were assigned weren't something we did in class anyway, hence the desktop at home. Again I wouldn't recomend the PDA as a full alternative to a regular scaled PC, and would not recommend anything that wasn't a Windows mobile, simply for the OS interface... I have never liked Palm based devices or Toshibas... and never will own a Sony. The key to getting the most out of your PDA is knowing how to manage your applications and memory- it's not like a
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