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    I'm scarred of it... I've spent over 200 hours on it's predecessor- Morrowind. I will have to shell out at least $300 just too have a system worth of playing it. Oblivion is my new crack
  2. So we're supposed to make heroes and martyrs out of the disturbed, the troubled, and the failing? It is correct that we shouldn't judge someone's "personal value", but it is neither logical nor correct to simply 'respect life' unless that life has earned it. Anna Nicole's public life was based upon flaunting her body, not her brains or her morals. She had personal struggles that were deep and complex. By her actions she displayed the characteristics gluttony and avarice. In her interviews it was obvious she had a problem staying sober, her son died of what amounts too a poor man
  3. Man... I'm bummed out. I'm not even theoretically gonna have a chance at her now..... .... without my shovel.
  4. In my own socially mal-adaptive way, please consider this a congratulations.
  5. A new-years sermon... Possibilities for the new year, your material abitions are meaningless. Renounce the present for the eternal future. Blah, blah, blah.
  6. That is not promising; if you have a disk maintenance program other than the standard Windows tools, you may try a file recovery. A file which is migrated across drives and generates that sort of error is (or was) very often corrupted on the original location. If your drive was close too full, or you had not performed any cleanup or defragmentation maintenance on the drive you will have this issue. If you can get access to most files then your system is reading the file tables on the second drive fine, and there are not likely to be significant permissions issues. If the files were protect
  7. Are you saying the CD drive works? If the IDE jumpers are on the wrong setting (slave, master, or CSM) then you wont be able to boot correctly... it's a last ditch try, but it's better than ditching the board yet. If the BIOS is set to find a boot sector on a disk which isn't correctly set by something like that then it could be part of the problem.
  8. If the BIOS failed to completely update that can be a problem. Remove the onboard battery (a small silver disc... I'm sure you know what it is and can locate it) and let it sit for a few minutes without either that or the power cord from the wall socket. That should reset the BIOS and allow you to work with a clean system. If there do not appear too be any bad or ruptured capacitors, chips, or circuits then you should be able to mount the video card, power it and then recieve a signal. If third party drivers are required you may need to create a boot disk that provides them temporarilly so th
  9. Do you know what capacity the PSU is? An old, insufficient, or defective PSU will cause that problem as well. Check the Mobo for discolored, ruptured, or blackened capacitors as well- this will indicate an overload or short has damaged the board, otherwise the PSU if sufficient capacity (at least 350watt) would be a possibility.
  10. Well then your next bet would be to go to the ASUS website and lookup some of the solutions there. Not knowing how experienced your friend is in installing hardware only says we can't rule out the possiblity that it was damaged or installed incorrectly. Damage or incorrectly installed hardware being ruled out, the next thing would be to check the compatability of the devices- I would think that the card mentioned should work as it is newer and more likely to match. I would be suspicious of the memory however. The PDF on this page is the installation and user guide.
  11. Other than make sure that the BIOS is set either for onboard graphics enabled if you use that port, or disabled if you use secondary card.
  12. If you know how you can also go into the services section from your administrative tools folder in your control panel and turn it off then disable automatic startup, and set its priority to low. Unless and until you add alternative input methods, other windows "helpful" updates or nonsense programming from microsoft you will have not further issues with it. It will not hurt you, and if you are configured correctly to optimize for performance it should not interupt or interfere with anything.
  13. Consider carefully if that is really the issue, or if you are having a stress reaction. I have been in a bit of a funk lately: I made a major move both in terms of living situation and career. I gambled and the dice are still rolling so to speak. I have for the last couple of weeks been wishing I could do about a million different things, but practically it won't happen. Doesn't mean that stress and the blues don't heavilly influence my ability to take clear action at present. Find something which can help you take a bit of a break- are you really stuck in a rut? Or does it just feel
  14. I go in and out of that, sometimes pretty bad sometimes it's managable. I spoke with a councellor back when I was in school and they did very little for me other than aggravate the issue by trying to tie it too emotional issues... which I had not been suffering. Based on the previous experience, I have been able to determine that my issue is mostly chemical, and if I do things that get me out of balance then I have a few days too a week of being absolutely miserable. To the best of my knowledge there aren't many options that a psychiatrist (as opposed to a psychologist) can prescribe o
  15. I hope everything works out in your best interests Aero.
  16. Being an somewhat annonymous medium for socialization, you can't really start throwing people out of here and expect the tone too remain. I used to post on the D.A.F. for a couple years... have no idea what's going on there these days, but we had a great mix of personalities for a while and then when it got a bit over the top on a series of flamewars the admins got heavy handed and evicted the main culprits. The problem was that they sort of set the tone even if it was a bit hostile between them. It's fine too take threats of malice or harm seriously and deal with them, but simply arguing
  17. Yep... pretty silly too. Famous people die and everyone notices, "normal" or "ordinary" people die all day long and no-one beyond their immediate circle pays much mind. Famous people impact your life, perhaps indirectly, but certainly more so than some little kids in Chicago. Famous people although you may never have interacted with them, display their personalities on screen and can become something like casual friends. Thousands of children pass on each day in other parts of the world and very few people even know about it. Am I supposed to be broken up inside more than a thousand
  18. People don't care so much about the others 'cause they ain't celebrities... just the way it is. How 'bout old Kurt Cobain? Got high all the time, sucked on a shotgun and kids around the country were all broken up for months- that is certainly a more 'deserving' fate than old Steve. Taking calculated risks is not stupid- taking forgranted your safety during risky behavior is. Irwin never took stupid risks- he took risks that he had mostly calculated... this was just a random event like anyone being struck by lightning. The kids in Chicago are tragic, but also as expected; the fam
  19. Phone in with his dive partner just played- he actually wasn't doing anything particular too the stingray; just came up on it by suprise and found the wrong end of it.
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