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  1. set both drives to "cable select" then make sure that that HDD is on the first plug (this is actually the second one in... you have two on one end of the cable and one on the other... the single plug of course is what goes into the MOBO, the first plug up from that is the cable select master, the second (the end plug) is the slave if you use CSS jumper setting. That said, you may still need to go through an install process even if your drive has transferred. If this is the case do not format, select repair install instead and go from there. Good luck - reconfiguring a system can be i
  2. Take some quite time with your girlfriend - sit her down next to you on the back porch or something, then just tell her straight up that another hot foreign chick is going to stay in your home with you and that you might fool around with her. It doesn't mean you don't love your girl, just that you like this new girl too, and that there is room in your heart for the both of them. She will blow her top and scream and cry and probably throw things- maybe heavy things. Just calmly duck and without becoming at all agitated explain too her again that it doesn't mean you don't love her
  3. similar thing happened to me recently - not with Vista, but with 2K/XP. Like you I had two separate hard drives with an OS installed on each. Something that it might be is that when you setup the operating system it claims exclusive access on the boot sector. If you have two different drives each with its own boot sector it might be that the default master drive is your XP drive... either set as the initial drive position with "cable select" as the jumper position, or actually set too "master". I have setup dual boots before and had it work successfully in the following manner: I
  4. Enter your BIOS (esc, F1, or F2 usually) and look for startup options. If you can find one that gives you the option to select a list of OS's to display or for how long the choice is displayed for that would be a startup option too select... other common options are to select between an express or detailed startup mode. Without knowing your particular BIOS a general answer is the best I can provide.
  5. Haha! Lordi! I love 'em... GWAR too. Got Zombie w/ J5 blazing right now... Gonna be listenting too Atoms Motion and the Void in just a few mintues... it's a very unique radio play mixed with music and a surreal story.
  6. The voices (in my head- it's fun too listen too them argue)
  7. I don't know how they do things in Paris, but out here at San Diego a recruit that has grey hair and can't party gets washed out....
  8. No... you just missed out on the part where we handed out the LSD laced grape flavor-aid
  9. Speaking of which.... anyone got a pint of the old world's finest and a volley ball setup?
  10. Promise me you won't run around naked?
  11. Um... mabey I'll just have a few glasses of wine at home and hear about it after.
  12. What's going on here? Can I place bets?
  13. If you don't mind doing a bit of fiddling with the images before you post them Gimp is a fairly comprehensive Photoshop clone. Takes a bit to learn, but will do any manipulation you need.
  14. A ps/2 mouse is a non-usb type mouse that has the round plug. Windows has native drivers for this and you should select 'start with minimal drivers' so that your basic vga and mouse functions work.
  15. Learnin'lady says: "We can't police insanity..." and is certainly correct. From the beginning this had the mark of deep depression touching on schizophrenia. Unfortunately when you mix intense stress with depression and other mental illnesses, the primal instincts take over and those tend to be rather violent. We come from an extremely violent past and those instincts just do not go away. Mental illness tends to over ride the cognitive functions to a huge degree and these unfortunate events happen. Apparently there was plenty of warning signs with this guy and no one could do
  16. A good old' PA system probably doesn't function anymore. The notion that a loudspeaker connected to the Dean's office is a brilliant comedy affect that allows us to laugh at foibles of the nerds or the loveable toga wearing buffoons in college comedy, but mostly doesn't exist anymore. A fire alarm would likewise be illadvised- If you don't know where the shooter is, you are exposing more people to gunfire by making them panic and run out of a building into the open. The problem with this is the same problems any soldier has faced in an urban combat zone since WWII- shooters in buildi
  17. clean up your system with the system cleanup tool under accessories. Defrag your hard-drive (I would recomend another program than the one included with Windows) Fatal Exception 0E messages are related to memory faulting out- due either to bad physical RAM, or bad drivers. Consider the actual age of the machine, it's use, and how dust free you keep it inside the box. RAM is fairly durable- If you don't use it demandingly it can last indefinately. I replaced my first stick in 3 or 4 years because it took a nasty shock. You downloaded driver updates? For video, sound, or MoBo? If yo
  18. These unfortunately are merely symptoms of a problem. Although they are spectacularly tragic, when examined against the backdrop of the rest of rest of our societal woes it is a freak incident. The methodical nature indicates a rational thought pattern at the time (whether reasonable or apparently not) and further details paint a picture of someone who had been in a secluded and isolated mind-set for some time. You don't have a roommate in a dorm who has a few guns and lots of ammo without questioning this. I attended University of Montana, as one of the few "wild west" sorts of scho
  19. Open your msconfig console (Start => Run: "msconfig") Select the SYSTEM Tab and ensure that all driver boxes are ticked, on the BOOT.INI option tick the Bootlog option, and the Safemode option. When you restart the system will produce a logfile of what ws booted. Question: Once boot up has completed do the errors you see prevent you from using the machine? or can you click through the error acknowledgement and then work normally? There are two possibilities I am curious of- either you have critical drivers that are out of place or corrupt, or you have removed software with
  20. Not to worry- check your msconfig options again and use normal startup which should process all needed driver and startup files. You will likely find what is missing. Post back any further errors reported. You couldn't clarrify which particular files were in error could you?
  21. I'll let the remarks stand as the are for the day and collect more ire before I followup with the right hook.
  22. I say good on her- That's one less unwanted, screaming, flatulating, deficating ape I'll ever have to deal with either directly or paying welfare taxes for. Obviously she came from a great family which demonstrated the best parenting techniques, and was well equipped to deal with a child in the first place.
  23. FrankenBox

    how do i

    Having read through the thread where Volt decided it was time too pull rank- Volt was rather enflammatory in his remarks, and provoked the reaction. While certainly dissagreable, provocative, occasionally irrelevant and at times tasteless, I have not found BB to be vulgar. If the vernacular term for rectum was what set of the fuss- in this case Volt had it coming. I've never had a run in with Volt, but whatever- this isn't the first board I've posted at that suffered a melt down because an admin was power tripping (sorry for the pun) and decided they enjoyed a heavy handed approach.
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