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  1. Got Win 2K to boot finally - drivers were the key. Could not find MS-DOS, so I tried Free-DOS which seems to have gone just fine, however the installation caused my other logical primary partitions to go away. From XP I can see the partitions through the disk-management option, but they do not have drive letters, and are listed as "Unknown". I don't know if this will be a problem to fix; I would like to be able to bring the Win 2K and storage/backup drives back online without reformatting. I can't seem to locate the FIXMBR process in the Free-DOS and/or cannot utilize it without booting directly into this system. Since the data is intact and all the preliminary OSs are installed I'm going to try and run the Linux (mandriva) install now and see if I can get it to parse and recognize/access all the drives and act as the primary.
  2. Joe C you are correct sir! I found another interesting tidbit about installing that older system, and that led to chagrin as described below. Windows 2K installer may SEE your HD arrangement and partitioning, but it ALWAYS assumes that drive C: is the location to format and install. I killed the power before it could get underway. SO... I clicked out the other two drive cables and restarted - which I NOW know I should have instead entered my bios and adjusted the position of the drives by the controller. So now my question is; is there not some process available from command prompt or such like FixMBR? Or something that can correct the boot records of the different drives so that they all recognize who lives on each?
  3. Hmmm... The win2k format worked okay... tried creating a partition on my 1TB drive for it, and then installing. Didn't *seem* to need the sata drivers, but who knows? The install conked out and gave me an error message to the effect of: Disk damaged or unreadable. I suppose that could mean no driver? Or is it likely that I have an MBR problem?? Too much disk for Win2k to handle? The specs for it don't have a theoretical upper limit for the NT system.
  4. Alright, this is turning into a weekend by weekend project: Apparently being a daddy now means I also get to baby sit on my "Days Off" . So I removed the drive cables from the raid drives, and reset the bios to read the new drive as the ONLY HDD available and tried to setup win2k. It initially gave me an error that one of my boot devices was inaccessible, which I figured was either my dvd drive, or HDD because no other device mattered for file locations. However since I have a generic "cdrom" and a (non-functional) floppy, I disabled their hard-ware in the BIOS and made sure that the boot devices could ONLY point at the real DVD-ROM and HDD Drives. I did NOT get the inaccessible boot device error again (or if I did it occurred to fast for me to see) when beginning the installation, however upon loading all the drivers and system files, the installer started setup, and then it went to BSD again; errror: Inaccessible_Boot_Device. I will perform the disk-check as suggested; however I also suspect that perhaps I need to make a driver disk and somehow install these if Win 2k does not support simple SATA drives or some such. Anyone know if this is true?
  5. Okay, so I have an interesting problem that I *think* I have an answer for, but I don't want to catastrophically destroy all my unbacked-up settings for. The drive I will be installing the old O/S systems on is not the primary drive. Theoretically I could simply detach my current raid drives, select this drive as the primary in BIOS, and let the auto-installer simply run none-the-wiser. If I then reattach the other drive set and reset my BIOS to read IT as the primary... I expect I may have some problems at that point and onward. Anyone who has done this recently want to give me compelling reasons not to do that?
  6. It's been a while, but I'm glad to see that most everyone is still around... I am rebuilding my rig after finally getting all the hardware I initially wanted (2 or 3 years back). I have oodles of space, and want to setup a rig with a series of partitions for several operating systems. I have partitioned the space, and am getting ready to start installing. My hardware array is as follows: dual core AMD processor on ASUS Mobo with 4gb ram. 1x 2TB external HDD accessed through my wireless network (for shared media storage, and system backup files) 1x 2TB internal HDD with the following partitions (sorry - I can't recall the specific space dedicated to each) Linux - Dedicated a spare Gb or two here DOS - Somewhere under 1 Gb Win 95/98 - 1 or 2 Gb Win 2k - 1 or 2 Gb Win XP - *** 2x 250Mg or 500Mg internal HDD - striped with the current XP installation. What I'm not sure about is the best order in which to load and/or which should be the primary boot system from which the shell/boot-loader will run. I intend to load the ACTUAL DOS operating systems (overlaying each in succession, from the earliest I can find for download) into the DOS drive - I have done this on one of my older machines many years ago, and discovered that software that ran well on say: DOS 3.0 ran better when the successive releases were installed over top of, rather than via clean installs. I wouldn't think that there would be any reason to boot to DOS except through a shell, or access it via a command line window. I am not sure which version of Linux/Unix I should use; about 10 years ago I was playing with Mandrake, which was the primary OS on a linux/XP (Is XP really that old?!) dual-boot. I had a bit of success with that, and would think that this would be the way to go in this case. The Win 2k / Win98 are simply for ease of use with older games that don't play so well under XP compatibility mode. I'm not sure where these should be in the load order, other than perhaps near the end? They are less important, especially Win 2K from which most of the games are easily configured under Win XP compatibility mode. The XP installation is slightly trickier - I'm making the striped-raid go away. I have yet to see any compelling reason to have an O/S on a raid. EVER. I would *like* to set up a separate XP installation on each of the disks which are now part of the stripe, that way my wife and I can each effectively have our own system which will be more or less immune to system configuration jiggering by one or the other of us. This would be quite a bit less complicated if I didn't have the niggling issue of: My wife doesn't like the idea of having to restart her side of the system all the time. I *think* this could be accommodated by running from the shell, but I'm not sure.
  7. Hi all... The ASUS notebook I am tuning has an Nvidia graphics card. The user upgraded to Vista and had the installer mirror the drive of another machine (her old tablet which had some data and software she needed). I'm uncertain of the installer's competence, although they are "professional" computer repair techs. I am certain of the user's competence, and would not put it past her too fiddle with something without realizing the full implications. She can sound knowledgeable and sophisticated enough when talking about computer issues but... I would *hope* that the installer knew better than too simply perform a backup/restore operation without double checking what system differences existed. The problem is that Vista now reports the display adapter as a standard VGA controller. It appears to work fine for running the office apps, and such; more advanced, graphics heavy software such as games, media players, etc. are having problems. Not knowing the exact hardware specs of the machine, I tested on Overdrive, which is also reporting what the computer reports as the native hardware. I have tried a manual update of the Nvida drivers, but the installed driver is causing an error. Any thoughts please?
  8. This is gonna get ugly... just another reason not to get married. Just pay cash for the attention up front. You are less likely to be as liable - a night in the county slammer for soliciting and a $500 fine are pittance compared to that. On the other side of the coin, this is a civil suit and a relatively benign one at that. She was stupid for giving up her life for an often vacant promise, but was financially damaged. Compared to the results of some civil suites the guy got of relatively light.
  9. If the spoon can't stand upright on it's own, it isn't strong enough. Skip the cream and sugar.
  10. Um... check connections first. Clean out the inside: disconnect from power source, ground, and then blow or vacuum out dust. Vacuuming is certainly not a recommended method as static could be transferred. That said, I have never had a problem with it. If all the connections are in place and there are no shorts (from accumulated dust) then your problem is elsewhere. Try resetting the ram, resetting the bios battery, and then restarting. If you do not hear startup beeps, or at least the spin of a hard drive you may have a dead PSU. If you do get a HDD spin up, and the lights blink and you hear a beep but nothing else happens then we need to walk through an OS fix.
  11. Never had problems with Trillian... lets you combine MSN, AIM, ICQ, IRQ, and Yahoo in one. Dunno about Pidgin - if it has similar functionality I would give it a try also.
  12. Talent agents are like any other sales agent - they just want fresh warm bodies in front of them to push an idea. They don't care if you really have a particular talent, but they will take your money in management fees, etc. Everyone who doesn't have a legit act out here becomes a "talent" agent.
  13. Happy B-Day Shogun... keep it regulated.
  14. I love Friday the 13th. It's always a good day for me!
  15. Thanks BW... those have been my exact sentiments for years now. I couldn't have said it better.
  16. I was a TKD guy for years, then I moved and there were no TKD schools that trained for anything but tournament fighting... ended up at a Kenpo school and learned some very practical rules for fighting.... why kick them in the head when you can kick their legs out and then kick them in the head when they are on the ground. Devious instructor I had there.
  17. Hehe... I did the same thing before. Now I prefer knee shots to the inner thigh... leaves em limping just a little and I like to have all the advantage I can get.
  18. Stop doing roundhouse kicks to people's knees Intra... you won't keep having that problem.
  19. Don't matter - it's good to feel good.
  20. Or it could be that your computer IS IN FACT possessed and that the only way to supplicate it at the time was to buy a new mouse... next time it may be a new internal component, or perhaps a blood sacrifice. If there are no more problems then that's good, if not remember to clean-out your temp and cache files regularly, ensure that your file associations and fragmentation is low. That will take care of 90% of your basic hassles. The more complicated issues are easily solved here at the pit.
  21. Is this a USB type harddrive? I am assuming so. The easiest thing if you haven't tried yet is to use the "manual eject" function to disconnect the drive and then reconnect it. I say that because even though it may be USB, for some reason windows occasionally gets a case of OCD and can't seem to let go of the connection. If you can still access files from one partition without problems and it seems fine otherwise it is either that, or you may have a setting somewhere that isn't treating that drive like a real HD. I have similar problems with mine in that I also have a mobile device and MP3 player that I link to it. If I have more than one plugged in at a time on the same bus, windows gets confused and either tries to treat my mobile device like a regular HD (which it is capable of, but inconvenient) or treats the external HD like a mobile device. Try doing a scan disk on the mobile device as well. It may be able to locate some file errors that prevents windows from reading the file structure.
  22. Can't totally disagree with you but as I see it, it's the PBMs behind the insurance companies that aren't so much corrupt but generally inept. There is no financial incentive to save money by ensuring the cheapest most effective alternatives are used, and because they are time consuming - valid D.U.R.s are carried out quarterly or semi-annually leaving months where patients may be suffering harm from poor treatment strategies or lack of coordination amongst their various physicians.
  23. Psychotropics are far too carelessly prescribed. There are too many doctors that don't take care to analyze the patient's case before writing a script for some benzos here, or a few sleeping pills there. You can't treat psychological issues with mere chemical therapy. A chemical imbalance may be the key behavior and mood issues, but coping skills and cognitive retraining are necessary to overcome the effects. OTOH if you are dealing with a purely psychological issue in the first place, then forcing the brain into a state of imbalance seems ill-advised as well. You would think there was oversight of this kind of thing, but you would be surprised. Sadly, medicine is becoming a do-it-yourself routine more and more. Sorry to hear about your experience Bill, but best of luck to you and keep looking for someone that will work with you in solving the real issues behind your symptoms, rather than just throwing pills at them. But do listen too 'Doc's advice about advising your physician and in stepping off therapy- there are some very good reasons why you come off gradually.
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