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    P4 2.4GHz Abit IC7 768MB DDR RAM 80GB 7,200RPM 8MB cache ATi Radeon X800 pro VIVO DVD-RW and CD-RW Win XP SP2
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  1. hey i want to get this hard drive Maxtor MaxLine III NCQ 250GB 7L250S0 SATA 16MB from here http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/Maxtor2.html It says its SATA 2 features. Will that mean it will still function at 16mb cache on my motherboard Abit IC7 which i think only is SATA 1 thank you very much from John
  2. Just hooked it up and this thing is worth every penny. Gamed a little cant see any bluring the colour is good and bery life like. Was a great buy and going from a 15" to 17 is such a difference.
  3. Thanks for all the help guys. Ive ordered the Hyundai imagequest L72D+ after reading some positive reviews. It should be coming tomorrow providing they dont deliver it whille im at my driving test, so ill tell you all how it lives up to my needs. Thanks again
  4. LOL thanks for that but bare in mind that this is for my university hall room somehow i dont think i will have room for a 40" monitor in my room. I've been reading around and i am favouring the Hyundai imagewuest L72D+ has anyone got any views of that one or any of the others for that matter? thanks
  5. Hey all im about to go off to uni and my parents have said that they will reward me with a flat screen monitor as im taking my pc to uni and i have a bulky CRT that is not easy to transport. I need your help in buying one as i have some idea what to look for ie 8ms response time so i can do gaming on it. What about other things as in aspect ratio and viewing angle? http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/lcd17.html This is the page i am looking from i love this site and buy everything from here. So please could you help me choose one my budget is about £180 (not inclucing p&p) i would be gratefull if you could pick one out from there and tell me why. If you know of another amazing screen elsewhere please tell me. Thank you oh so much from john EDIT: sorry forgot to say i think my graphics card can support DVI-D (x800 pro VIVO) Is there a significant difference in quality comapred to analogue.
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