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  1. Tori Amos-Under The Pink, whole.......Takes her small index finger and smashes Amy Lee
  2. Playlist For Now Changes-Ozzy Stand Up For your right's _BoB Marley Radio Waves-Roger Waters Simple Man-Skynard Southern Man- Neil Young TightRope _Stevie An AMerican Prayer-Morrison Keep Me in your heart-Warran Zevon Thick as A Brick-Jethro Tull and some more by him
  3. Stevie....Vodoo Child and Pride and joy then on to some lord's of acid
  4. For the most part yes... Don't we all have those troubled times? But hey this is the internet I love to joke around as much as the next guy..Gad to hear your happy as well..
  5. Sent no Mercy an email with me my wife and kid's
  6. Thanks Ladies and TracyLynn .. But Young? I am probably much older than you. I have been Married for 7 years and have 2 darling children. And Only reason I got muscles is because I do construction. Well OK I work out once in awhile . But love messing around with my puter's more now-a-day's.. And of course throwing my kid's around ..Have A goodnight ladies
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