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  1. Happy birthday lou!! have a good one!
  2. thats ok dd, i'm sure shurl and khem-me are laughing along with you on that one . meanwhile over here in the better part of australasia we will just continue on laughing at aussie's performance in the world cup so far. much funnier.
  3. 21. You know that New Zealanders are basically our naive country cousins, who have a weird fush-and-chups accent, and for some bizzare reason, think that they invented pavlova. They are to be pitied and laughed at. They have no hope of gaining the upper hand in the endless sporting rivalry between our two nations. righto. if you say so mate..... lol lot of that applies over this side of the ditch too, but we do things a bit more classy.
  4. yes, but it was tonga. Not a strong rugby nation by any count. yes the USA is doing better than they ever had, good on them. Graham Henry spoke about the USA team in a conference yesterday (I think) and said that they are improving and in a couple of decades may be a rugby super power. But England Should have beaten them with a fairly large margin, but they didn't. My point was that England's chances of another world cup victory this time is pretty slim by what has been shown so far. Now Fiji Vs. Japan - That was a close game! Fiji is a very good Rugby Sevens Nation, but don't work too hot as a team as sevens is more individual skill and flare, thought they might win by a little more than they did though (I actually bet on them to win by more than 20 points - lucked out on that one.)
  5. I say england's score against the USA shows what happens when you put geriatric player like laurence delaglio on the field. the guy has "retired" twice! I say england is trying to hold on to their former glory by playing players from the last world cup.... imho, USA should have been an easy win for a top notch team, much like NZ over Italy, but it wasn't. Doesn't leave much hope for the current champs..... Ireland's Score against Namibia was dissappointing, I expected more from the Irish. Perhaps they hit the guinness to early. dunno. The All Blacks could have played better against Italy but i think the heat got to them a bit, coming from winter to late summer. (I Think..?). Plus Carl Hayman could have not punched the Italian and got sent off. goober. the teams to watch in my opinion are New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and France (that's right, don't count them out just yet), but Argentina are a bit of a dark horse, they played some real good rugby on the weekend, wouldn't be too suprised to see them reach the semi's. My prediction is that it will be a New Zealand Vs. South Africa Final. NZ will edge out the bokkies to win the cup... Go the All Blacks!
  6. unfortunately a lot of programs install desktop shortcuts into the ALL USERS profile folder, which, as you can guess means all users get the icon. if the program has an option to install for this user only, then it should only install for that user, but most will just install without giving this option. the only way to fix this is to move the icon from the 'all users' profile to the users' profile. e.g cut 'mapinfo professional' shortcut from c:\documents and settings\All Users\Desktop and paste into c:\documents and settings\LordMordred\Desktop. hope this helps.
  7. can do depending on how many "things" you have attatched to your motherboard. the extra pins provide more power to the motherboard over more wires. gives less heat and reduces resistance. you can buy 20-24pin adapters from any good computer shop. should only cost a few dollars.
  8. i have lived with my *very* soon to be wife for near on 4 years now, and my friend, there are things you should know to get you through the early years. so here is LM's quick 10 tip guide to beginning life, living with the missus. 1) don't forget to put the toilet seat down.... 2) don't comment on how many tubs and tubes and containers of make-up she owns, they all "supposedly" have a purpose. 3) when you are about to get ready to go out, turn on the xbox before you get dressed, because you will be ready in about 5 minutes, 7 if it's a dry shave, so you will have a good 15-20 minutes to kill before she is ready. if she begins to ask you if she looks good in what she is wearing, agree. if it looks terrible - smile and nod and grunt a little. 4) if you make her cry. give her 5-10 minutes to cry alone - no contact from you. lets her vent at you behind the closed door. then go apologise and for god's sake look sincere, you will be worse off if you smile. you will be fine when she lets you cuddle her. 5) i know cuddles longer than 3 seconds can be annoying. let it slide though. but a hint, rub her back in the same place over and over if it's getting to be too much for you. gives her a kind-of light indian burn, so she will let go. if she complains - blame it on your rough working man hands. 6) inscense sucks, but get used to it. 7) candles are for when the power goes out or a romantic dinner right? WRONG! candles become day to day life, again get used to it. 8) no closet is big enough, i know you have 4 drawers, 1 for underwear and socks, 1 for shirts, 1 for your jeans and trousers, and the last for your good clothes. She has to have the closet for the 10,000 different dresses, skirts, frocks, mini skirts, sun dresses, dinner gowns, cocktail dresses... the list goes on. be prepared to give up the room where you store your rugby boots and gear cause i am afraid, they are going out to the shed/garage. 9) claim the shed or garage as your own, and stick to it! you need your own place to go that is lace free. if not you will go insane. 10) she will get cut up from time to time with things that you do every day. ignore it. it's a built in genetic thing i think.. . smile and nod. you will be fine. these are my observations, and i hope this helps some guys in some way. also, thanks to everyone sending the well wishes, it is much appreciated!!
  9. Hi all, thought that i would let you know that i am getting married on saturday! i am 24 and she is 22, we have been together since she was 14. It will be a big church wedding in my home town where we both grew up. I am really happy and excited about it all and thought i would share it with you! LM
  10. being a kiwi myself, that movie was absolutely fantastic!! will forward it to my family and friends. really symbolises our true NZ spirit. thanks for sharing that lou!
  11. man, i can't believe this thread. cpuguru asked a question about a piece of equipment. and in 3 pages i have not seen one reply to his original question, just whinging and soapbox tactics about speeding and running lights and the like. in response to your post cpuguru - most licence plate blockers do the opposite and actually make your plate more visible to the speed cameras. i have not seen one yet that does what it is suposed to do, including the sprays you can buy.
  12. sad day...... they are saying he will make a good recovery... good's not quite good enough.... sad day.
  13. Brandon, you know as well as many other that the jerk off comment was from me. the thread involved was a very very emotional thread, and was no place to bring up "teaching your wife" (who was RAPED) to use a gun to defend herself. that was a very immature thing to bring up. I realise you are still growing up and learning about life, as am I (we never stop learning) but posting in this way can cause upset to many people. I was upset by what you had said. It was almost like a kick in the teeth to compaqdude - making it sound like it was his fault his wife was raped because he didn't show her how to use a weapon. - this was my perception of the reply you made, hence the jerk off comment. Most of your topics are enjoyable, i know it is impossible to post something truly neutral so that it doesn't offend anyone, but please think before you post. Just remember that there are people behind these words. I apologise to you brandon, for upseting you enough to do this. however i do not regret or withdraw my comments.
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