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  1. Hey Aaron! Long time, no type! Like you - It's been a long, long time since I visited. I joined PC Pitstop Forums back in 2004 I think when I was 20. I turn 38 in a months time. I am in the process of moving to another city with my family and was packing everything up, getting nostalgic on a bunch of stuff and came across my old vapochill in bits in the garage. Reminded me of great times past here at the pitstop, and at the Raptor Pit. Had to come back and see if my login still worked. Had to reset the password but, it's all still here! great memories!
  2. It's been a long time since I have been to the pitstop with life taking me in many directions, and I have just seen this thread and your message @Tx Redneck - This makes me quite sad tbh. I_G, caintry_boy, YKawika - they were all here when I first started overclocking and helped me immensely. When I started working over at the Raptor Pit - those guys were there too and always good for a laugh. Wow... RIP you 3. Thank you.
  3. overloaded calls in? as in the forums took a hammering from visitors? nice. i'm with you snake!
  4. Hi CB! yeah have been absent from the pit for a long while! Just started back at TRP as well. work was crazy for a long time, now i have a little more freedom.
  5. was wondering what was up? mr pickle at it again.
  6. in Vista there is a new service called superfetch which analyzes program you use most often and remembers code to make it work faster next time. In all reality it doesnt improve performance much if at all. When this service is running it can cause constant (and annoying) disk and cpu usage for the first 10 minutes or so of vista loading. if you disable this service, it stops all this access from occurring. I have disabled it on my dell xps m1730 which runs vista business, and my system still boots just as quick, but without all the disk and cpu usage afterwards. here is how to
  7. sounds like your pst file is corrupted. (a PST is where outlook stores all it's folders such as inbox, sent items etc etc. also known as an outlook data file) you can use a utility to scan the pst files this utility is called scanpst and is usually found here (not on vista though.): C:\ Program Files \ Common Files \ System \ MSMapi \ 1033 \ scanpst.exe normally you will need to run a search on your hard drive to find the pst file - probably called outlook.pst so run a search using *.pst as the keyword and it will find it. right click the pst when found and click prop
  8. could you possibly post the whole error message that comes up when you try to send/receive??? the 0x00808.. blah blah number usually leads you nowhere.
  9. all hail barndon, the KING of u2u help. next time be productive instead of an arrogant know it all. jackpot - you can use device manager to find out what make of hard drive is in your pc and then go to the manufacturers website and get a utility to check the disk state - e.g. bad sectors if you cant find the utility, tell us the make of the drive, we could find the utility for you.
  10. wrong way around bro..... pci-e to pci not pci to pci-e... i was meaning the sound card etc...
  11. plus using a converter on those high end cards...........
  12. I am very, very, aware of this. my post also is also aimed to be sarcastic. how can someone have a dream system with all of these comonents when, obviously all the components won't fit.....
  13. sounds like you have the hard drive setup in the BIOS set to RAID. set it to Native mode (i think that is what it was called on that board) and then save and exit. you should be able to load windows on that board without needing a RAID Driver disk.
  14. i think everyone here is missing the obvious. The motherboard - ASUS P5W64 WS Professional here: has only 2 X PCI 2.2 slots. he has 3 PCI Devices.. NVIDIA DualTV MCE Tuner Card Bigfoot Networks Killer NIC M1 Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatality How Does that work....... please explain. i demand to know.
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