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    living my life without interruptions and most importantly, obtaining vasts amounts of knowledge in order to erase bad memories.

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    Intel Media Series motherboard (DP35DP) Intel Core Duo e6850 6 gigs DDR2 800 LG bluray player/burner Nvidia EVGA PCI-E GTX 460 OpenSuse 11.4 x86 _64bit Kubuntu 11.10 x86 _64bit Single 500GB Hitachi DeskStar.
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  1. duanester


    it's better off where it came from, it should stay in development with fedora so that folks can yum up all the goodies.
  2. duanester


    it's one broken hopeless at the moment hunk of junk clunking in the muck package manager the message " use an advanced package manager' either synaptic or aptitude to correct the dependency issues" every ten seconds i am warned about dependency conflicts, i will say this much "installs synaptic" till opensuse 11.2 yes sir, cant deal with anything besides yast and synaptic
  3. browsing the web will cause the same damage, in fact i can give you a harmless link that will eventually redirect your browser by clicking links involving games, tempting to the young eye, by the time everything starts to freeze up you will be back in the same boat joe
  4. joe once it's all cleaned install everything he needs and secure/ lock it down and create an account for him. tell him to give you a list of stuff he wants installed "you being the judge whether it's safe" and create a limited user account then password protect administrator account. joe there should be no reason for him to run as administrator after that. i believe the system can be setup for certain tasks' like defrag etc... automatically so he won't need to do that "citation needed" setup an agreement with him, tell him during the time he's on the secured account' he can write a list of things you will install for him on a weekly basis. joe' that's a lot easier than having to deal with cleaning all the time or worse 'reinstalling windows'
  5. you will love the game, it's not easy which is good
  6. http://www.linuxpr.com/releases/11640.html so basically we will by the game "if it's good" i have, i am certain many of you did as well
  7. yeah doug' i thought it was hilarious, nice one porksandwich i tnink you can get the full version for 199$ and 90$ for the upgrade
  8. to watch a sixty foot tree get ripped from ground and moved several feet before dropping is the scariest thing i have ever witnessed.
  9. tree next to my house was ripped from the ground' yet they say their were no tornadoes that day. i seen it, the leaves blew up' then the tree, the impact smashed the back of my house.
  10. get one of those switch boxes myk example only http://www.amazon.com/JVC-JXS111-Compatibl...r/dp/B00005USA7
  11. the enclosure may have been damaged but the drive still has a chance. remove the hard drive from it's enclosure and connect it to a pc, if it's a sata drive' the motherboard on the pc needs a sata connection.
  12. ah' so you finally decide to show your face welcome back tito
  13. hey taco' you know that you can make a complete unattended install cd with that program ? everything from drivers to system settings and key' even themes can be put on a remastered cd so basically' if you ever have to format' you can walk away
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