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  1. I wish I would have seen this earlier. My sister had the same problem. I used the freezer trick on the drive, got all the data I could off of the drive, and reformatted the drive. Now it works perfectly. Also, if you want to make sure the data is damn near impossible to recover, just use DBAN on it. With data densities being so high now, overwriting your data even just once can make it EXTREMELY hard to recover. The most you'll need is to overwrite the entire drive three times, which will make it pretty much impossible for all but the best forensics to recover the data.
  2. http://www.thecodecage.com/forumz/outlook-...e-internet.html
  3. Just request another disk from Microsoft, or the OEM. You should only have to pay shipping, and it's legal.
  4. Living on the edge of tornado alley, I have never witnessed a tornado personally, but I have had to clean up the damage when tornadoes would hit near where I live. I would really like to see one though. I think the rush I would get from it would be worth the sheer terror, and as long as it doesn't damage my house, I'm fine. Other houses are fair game though.
  5. I'd rather take an Ultimax Mk4, an HK21, or a Ma Deuce over an AK any day.
  6. There is only one rule to fight club butterphil... Don't talk about fight club.
  7. Internet Explorer 6 is the worst browsers on the face of the Earth in terms of web standards support, security, and features, so youtube, and many other sites are dropping support for it totally. Also, when you install Firefox, just click custom install, and when you get to a certain point, where it says "Use as default browser", just deselect it by clicking on it.
  8. There's nowhere to look other than your memory. 1GB isn't much in the grand scheme of things nowadays. Also, you should not disable your pagefile. It's required for Windows to function.
  9. My 4870 runs @ 800Mhz core/950Mhz memory by default. I got a good one, since I could lower the voltage quite a bit for the 3D clocks, and it still runs great. Unless you want to ruin your card, & violate your warranty, don't bother with overclocking the 4870. You have one of the most powerful video cards available, and it can handle pretty much every game you can throw at it if you have the 1GB version.
  10. At every graduation I've been too (including my own), they issued you a set of tickets. If you wanted more people to come than had tickets, you had to buy more.
  11. I picked apart el kido's post to look for sexual references, and found many. Also, a lot of cops don't use common sense.
  12. In no way is the real world going to be better than school. If you're not careful, the real world will walk over you, spit on you, chew you to bits, spit you out, and then repeat the process all over again. I graduated at 19, and though I'm only 21 now, having to have a job, having no one to watching over you, and having no one make sure you're doing right can be a real challenge.
  13. I used my Google-fu, and couldn't find anything other than the standard length Crossfire bridges. The only options it looks like are to stick with the standard cooler, or one that's not as big as the one you installed, increase the fan speed, or mod the BIOS to lower voltages.
  14. Two years to go before you are legally able to have fun, according to the United States government.
  15. Gonna have to go with the Hulkster here. It seems to me that you're just not all that used to her, although I doubt adrenaline leftover from doing the horizontal mambo would overpower the hormones your body releases after the fact. I say buck up, and start getting used to it. I haven't gotten a decent night's sleep ever since I started my job, and due to you being in college, sleep will be a luxury as well. So, get used to her staying over, have some fun (make sure you videotape it, so you can sell it on the internet), and call it a day. Edit: I just don't see how people can't sleep after they have a girl over. I know that when I am around a girl, I'm relaxed, and I feel no reason to be aggressive or hostile (unlike when I'm around most guys).
  16. I can think of several ways. 1. Cancel the sleepovers 2. Drink some warm milk 3. Get the **** to sleep 4. Perform an act which releases large amounts of oxytocin, and other hormones into the bloodstream, if you get my drift I have an issue with sleep myself, but it's from me being stupid, staying up all night, etc... You should be tired when your girlfriend is over pork. Maybe you can use that labtop to figure out why. Edit: And I refuse to believe you have a girlfriend pork. If you remember her name like you remember how to spell laptop, I don't see how you can have a relationship.
  17. That's nothing, you should have seen when (insert outrageous event here). Pretty cool though, I must say. It's definitely a hot topic. Oh man, I'm awesome.
  18. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tagged_queuing http://www.faqs.org/faqs/arch-storage/part2/section-126.html Both of those are unchecked for a reason.
  19. And a desktop operating system runs on the iPhone. iPhone OS is a heavily slimmed down OSX, and as such, it should support desktop features that every single one of its competitors has, such as the ability to cut & paste. But, the Jobs Reality distortion field says simple features that are a necessity in everyday computing are useless, so I guess they aren't needed.
  20. An operating system is not a desktop. Also, Cocoa is tied to Apple, and is not portable.
  21. Would you use Windows if it lacked support for Flash, or Java? What if it lacked the ability to send attachments in emails? Would you use it then?
  22. Pros of the iPhone: 1. It's shiny Cons of the iPhone: 1. No SMS 2. Overzealous app store 3. Crappy camera 4. AT&T (In the states at least) 5. No expansion 6. Buggy Browser 7. No Flash/Java support 8. Doesn't include Android 9. Keyboard not usable in portrait mode 10. Limited storage space
  23. If you can get Vista's MBR to see the XP partition, then getting it to boot should be as simple as starting up the PC. Now, getting it to recognize the XP partition is where I can be of no assistance.
  24. I figured out what I did wrong. I misread the steps listed in this link: http://en.opensuse.org/ATI#1-click_install...C_11.0_and_10.3 I didn't run this command: su -c 'SaX2 -r -m 0=fglrx' I misread it as install the driver, reboot, and you're good.
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